Children's plate with rim, 2-pack

Stable silicone plate for children who want to eat by themselves
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    • Easier to get food on the spoon
    • Less spillage & stands firmly on the table
    • 2-pack of plates in different colours

    The children's plates from Norwegian Naomi are sturdy silicone plates with a high rim that make it easier for children to eat on their own. The bowl-shaped plate's inwardly curved edges help the child get the food onto the spoon and give a lovely feeling of being able to do it themselves.

    The Naomi children's plate makes it easier for your child to learn to eat on their own. You'll also avoid the power struggle around the table where your child wants to eat on their own but needs help to get the food onto the spoon or fork. There's also less spillage and a more enjoyable meal for everyone around the table.

    Heat and cold resistant

    The sturdy plates are made of food-grade platinum silicone of the highest quality. The plate can be heated in the microwave and in the oven up to 240 degrees. If you want to freeze food in the plate, it can be put in the freezer down to -20 degrees.

    One plate weighs about 170 grams and is also handy to take with you on outings in nature. The plate has a long shelf life and is dishwasher safe.

    The children's plates are sold in sets of 2

    The package contains two children's plates in different colours. One plate can be placed over the other and used as a lid for storing leftovers.

    The two plates are available in several great colour combinations: Pink/Beige, Blue/Beige, Green/Beige, Grey/Black.


    Diameter: 17 cmHeight: 4 cm
    Weight: 170 grams / plate
    Number per package: 2 plates in different colours
    Material: 100% platinum silicone

  • Article nr: 14009
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: 17 cm
    Height: 4 cm
    Material: 100% food grade platinum silicone
    Quantity per pack: 2 childrens plates

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Children's plate with rim, 2-pack Children's plate with rim, 2-pack
Stable silicone plate for children who want to eat by themselves
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