Collector for Fallen Fruit

Ergonomic fruit collector with a long handle
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    • Easy to use
    • Collects fallen fruit off the ground
    • Long ergonomic handle

    With an apple collector you can quickly and effectively gather the fallen fruit off the ground without having to bend over. The long ergonomic handle makes it easy to roll the collector along the ground. A few sweeps is enough to fill the container with apples, plums or any other fruit that has fallen off the trees.

    The collector can gather fruits with a diameter of 4 to 10 centimetres. As you roll the apple collector over the fruit, the flexible wires bend sideways allowing the fruit to gather in the large container. Depending on the size of the fruit the collector can gather 8-12 regular sized apples before it needs to be emptied.

    When the container is full, empty it using the included bracket that you attach to the side of a bucket or box. Place the collector across the bracket to push the wires aside. This creates an opening in the container and the fruit can fall down into the bucket.

    The collector can also be used to gather up pine cones, golf balls or other round objects. It works equally well on flat and uneven surfaces and neither grass or autumn leaves cause it any trouble.

    There are plenty of great ways to utilise fruit that has fallen off the trees. If it is only slightly bruised, you can eat it as it is, use it for cooking or make fresh juice. It is a good idea to remove fallen fruit even if it is damaged, as mouldy fruit may attract slugs, maggots or wasps, and may even damage your lawn. Fallen fruit is also likely to attract larger unwanted guests such as moose and wild boars.

    The stainless steel apple collector is both light and durable. The handle is delivered in four parts that are easily screwed together to make a 120 cm long handle.

    The collector is made by the Swedish company Moster Hulda®, which is famous for, among other things, its timeless apple peeler.

    Length of handle: 120 cm
    Collector dimensions: 26 cm x 32 cm

  • Article nr: 13288
    Stock availability: 4
    Height: 150 cm
    Material: Stainless steel
    Width: 42 cm

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