Cooling bandanna for dogs

Keeps your dog cool for hours
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    • Cooling effect
    • Keeps cool for hours
    • Cools down quickly

    Help your pooch beat the summer heat with this cooling bandanna. The cooling effect is comfortable for your dog and helps reduce the risk of heat stroke.

    The cooling effect comes from the non-toxic gel inside the bandanna. The gel cools down automatically to be at a temperature below the dog's. Stays cool for several hours.

    When the bandanna starts to feel warm place it in the shade or another cool place. It takes 15 minutes for it to begin feeling cold again - for faster results pop it in the fridge. Do not place it in the freezer or water.

    Comes in three different sizes:

    Neck sizes:
    Small: 15 cm - 30 cm

    Medium: 25 cm - 45 cm
    Large: 45 cm - 65 cm

  • Article nr: 12705
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    Length: Small: 15cm - 30cm. Medium: 25cm - 45cm. Large: 45cm - 65cm
    Material: Toxic free fabric and gel filling
    Other: May not be submerged in water
    Width: Small: 6cm. Medium: 7.5cm. Large: 8.5cm

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Cooling bandanna for dogs Cooling bandanna for dogs
Keeps your dog cool for hours
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