Desk lamp with alarm clock

Bright reading lamp with alarm function
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    • Bright reading lamp
    • Built-in alarm clock
    • Cordless and easy to move

    Elegantly designed desk lamp with a built-in alarm clock, bright LED light and an octagonal base that allows the lamp to be angled in four different positions. The cordless desk lamp is made of 100% durable walnut or cherry wood and is perfect to use as a lamp on a desk or as a reading lamp on a bedside table.

    Can be positioned at four different angles
    The octagonal base of the desk lamp allows you to angle the lamp in 4 different positions. Three positions are convenient when the lamp is on a desk or bedside table. The fourth position is useful if you place the lamp on a shelf above the area you want to light up.

    Bright light with 4 settings
    The bright light has 36 LEDs that light up with a directed light. The ability to angle the lamp is practical if you do want to avoid disturbing others in the room, and you can also dim the lamp and choose between 4 different brightness levels.

    Touch-operated controls
    On one side of the eight-sided base are the flexible touch buttons that you can use to change the clock settings and increase and decrease the brightness of the lamp.

    Alarm clock
    The desk lamp's built-in alarm clock is practical to use both as an alarm clock and when you need to set an alarm at work. You can choose to either use the standard beep alarm, or be woken by the light increasing in brightness.

    Self-extinguishing numbers
    The clock numbers on the display disappear by themselves after a while, but reappear with a light tap on the clock or on the table on which the clock is standing. This is especially handy at night when you don't want to be disturbed by light from the display.

    However, you can choose to have the display lit permanently, you can easily set this when you change the clock settings.

    Rechargeable battery
    The rechargeable battery means that you are not dependent on an electrical outlet and can place the lamp where you need it most. The battery life of the desk lamp is about 7-48 hours, depending on which light setting you use. You notice that the battery needs to be charged when the lamp no longer lights up. However, the clock can continue to operate for a while once the light can no longer be switched on.

    The rechargeable battery is charged with the included Mini USB cable via any USB socket. The charging time is about 3-4 hours. The desk lamp can be used while the battery is charging. NOTE! The USB cable is located in a concealed compartment on the outside of the foam rubber packaging.

    Available in two designs
    The clock is made of wood. Choose between walnut wood or cherry wood.

    Weight: 850 grams
    Height: 39.5 cm
    Width: 9.5 cm
    Depth: 4.5 cm
    LED life: approx. 50,000 hours
    Colour temperature: 3000K warm white
    Rechargeable battery: 2500mAh 3.7V
    Battery life: 7-48 hours depending on brightness
    CE, FCC, RoHS

  • Article nr: 13622
    Stock availability: 0
    Battery time: 7-48 hours depending on brightness level
    Depth: 4.5 cm
    Height: 39.5 cm
    Material: Choose between walnut and cherry wood
    Width: 9.5 cm
    Weight: 0.85 kg

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