Egg blower

Handy little gadget that empties the contents of eggs
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      • Empty eggs without having to blow them out
      • Empty eggs and clean their shells for Easter arts and crafts
      • Fun for both kids and adults

      This egg pump is a practical little tool that helps you empty the contents of an egg without having to blow into it until you faint. With this handy egg pump, you quickly empty out both the white and the yolk and can clean the inside so that you get a nice, empty, clean eggshell to use for Easter arts and crafts.

      With the included egg piercer, you can easily tap a small hole in the egg's shell. Then, insert the needle into the hole and start pumping. The air you pump into the egg forces the egg's contents to drain out through the hole. Place a bowl under the egg to catch the white and the yolk and use them in an omelette or Easter cake.

      Instructions for use
      1. Carefully make a small hole in one end of the egg's shell with the egg piercer.
      2. Attach the needle to the yellow pump using the transparent tube.
      3. Insert the needle into the egg and start pumping. Remember to place a bowl underneath the egg when pumping.
      4. Continue pumping until all the contents have drained out of the egg.
      5. Rinse the eggshell by pouring water into the pump and continuing to pump.
      6. Now, your empty eggshell is ready to be painted and decorated!

      Painted eggs look great laid on a buffet table or hung around the home at Easter. To hang eggs, you can use fishing line and a broken toothpick. Tie the fishing line around the toothpick, insert the toothpick into the egg and gently pull the line so that the toothpick gets stuck at an angle. The toothpick now acts as an anchor and allows you to hang the egg wherever you think it looks best.

      Tip! To remove pinks mark on the eggshell, dampen a piece of paper with some vinegar and gently rub the pink mark. After a short time, the mark will disappear and you'll have a completely white egg!

      The easiest way to clean your egg pump is under running water.
      Kit includes: Pump, needle with transparent protective tube, egg piercer.

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