Elastic key bracelet

Smart bracelet for your keys
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    • Carry your keys around your wrist
    • Elastic silicone cord
    • Keyring and locking carbine hook

    This smart key-bracelet makes it easy to take your keys and other small necessities with you even when you don't have good pockets to put them in. The elastic silicone cord sits tightly against your wrist and the lockable carbine hook with attached keyring ensures you do not lose your keys while exercising, swimming, or jogging.

    The key-bracelet is perfect to use at the gym, at the swimming pool, on the beach, on the track, or wherever you want to be with as few of your possessions as possible. Easily adjust the tightness of the bracelet by pulling the tab on the silicone cord.

    The silicone cord can stretch around items that are up to 9 cm in diameter and is perfect for placing on your wrist or a water bottle.

    If you only need to take one or two keys with you, attach them directly to the carbine hook. If you need to have more keys, attach the included keyring.

    In the centre of the carbine hook is a smart little locking mechanism. By spinning the little lock, you ensure that the carbine hook will not open by accident. When you want to open the hook again, just spin the lock back so you can open it again.

    All pieces of this key-bracelet are waterproof and can be used in a swimming pool, a lake, or the ocean.

    Material key-bracelet: Silicone
    Material keyring: Stainless steel
    Material carbine hook: Stainless steel polycarbonate

    Measures: 15 cm x 2 cm
    Max diameter: about 9 cm
    Weight: 14 gram
  • Article nr: 13369
    Stock availability: 10
    Material: Silicon, stainless steel, polycarbonate
    Weight: 0,014 kg

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