Fire escape ladder

Climb out through the window in case of emergency

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    • Adapted for two-story houses
    • Non-slip aluminium steps
    • Easy to use and takes up little space

    The folding fire escape ladder from Housegard ensures a quick escape through the window if a fire breaks out at your house. The 4,5-meter-long fire escape ladder is adapted for houses with two stories and gives you a safe escape route when the window is your only option.

    The fire escape ladder is easy to store and quick to hang over the window frame when you need to use it. The robust hooks keep the ladder steady around the window frame and the non-slip steps in aluminium gives you a safe passage down to the ground.

    The fire escape ladder has a recommended maximal capacity of 200 kilos but has been tested and approved for 450 kilos. The ladder is a complement to other safety measures in your house. Make sure that you always have a working smoke alarm, a fire extinguisher, and a fire blanket at home.

    Note! The fire escape ladder fits window frames that are 15 cm to 30 cm wide. The window must have the ability to be opened completely and the window frame must be able to withstand the possible strain it will endure. The fire escape ladder should not be used in a window that is directly above another window on the first floor as the metal ladder then runs the risk of breaking the window on the first floor.


    The fire escape ladder takes up little space and should be stored under the bed, in the closet, or in another place where you can easily access it. The ladder should not be exposed to direct sunlight or stored in temperatures over 50°C.

    Inspect the ladder at least two times every year and search it for damages, wear, or signs of aging.

    The ladder is weakened as time goes by and should be replaced after 6-8 year to be safe.

    Evacuation process

    Read the instructions when you receive the fire escape ladder. It is important that everyone in the household knows how the ladder works, and what needs to be done in case of emergency.

    1. Close the door to your room to minimize the risk of the fire spreading. Then open the window.
    2. Fold out the supports and attach them to the bolts on the hooks.
    3. Hang the fire escape ladder over the window frame. Make sure that the ladder is hanging in the right direction and down along the outer wall.
    4. Pull the strap and unfold the ladder.
    5. Make sure that the ladder is hanging securely over the window. Carefully climb out with your legs first. Hang on to the hooks for support.
    6. Keep your body close to the ladder while climbing down. That will make it more stable.

    Important information

    The fire escape ladder should only be used in windows that can be opened completely.

    The fire escape ladder should only be used in windows where the frame is 15-30 cm wide.

    The window frame needs to be sturdy enough to withstand the strain.

    The ladder should only be used by one person at a time.


    Material: ladder in aluminium, straps of nylone

    Maximal strain: 200 kg, tested and approved for 450 kg

    Maximal height for evacuation: 4,7 metres, measured from the lower edge of the window

    Minimal/maximal thickness of the window frame: 15 cm / 30 cm

    Weight: 5,5 kg

    Certifications: CE, EN 131-1: 2007+A1-2011, EN 131-2: 2010.

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    Weight: 5,5 kg

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