Innovator: Peter Svedestrand

Lifeline Escape Rope

Escape line with harness and friction brake
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    • Lifeline with harness and friction brake
    • Can be used again and again
    • Available in different lengths

    Lifeline Escape Rope is equipment for emergency evacuations and canbe used when the normal exitis blocked by, for example,fire or smoke. The Lifelineis made of line, harness with friction brake, and a snap-link. It also includes a strong screw-eye that can be attachednear a window. The Lifeline includes a wall mount.

    With the Lifelineyou can easily lower yourself, either to another floor or all the way down to the ground. The Lifelinecan be used repeatedly and can therefore save many people in an emergency. The Lifeline even works to lower downdisabledor unconscious people. Children should weight at least 20 kg if they are to be safely lowered by themselves.

    The Lifelineis easy to use and you can use it repeatedly, which gives you the ability to practice when you are not in an emergency situation. However, the line should not be misused or overused more than for training and evacuation. The rescue line must be replaced if it has been used in a real emergency.

    The Lifeline comes in three lengths:
    10 metre- 1 to 3 stories
    15 metre- 5 stories
    25 metre- 8 stories

    Lifeline for Travel, 20 m
    The Lifeline for Travel is a lighter version made for when you are travelling (weighs 1 kg). The line with harness is 20 meters long andattaches to a hook or a large piece of furniture, or anything that provides a secure anchor.

    Weight: 1 kg
    Height: 15 cm
    Diameter: ca 13 cm
    Carry weight maximum for the line: 750 kg
    Tensile strength for the snaplink: 250 kg (can be exchanged for a stronger link)
    Fire class: Contact heat 270 degrees C 5 min

    The Lifeline is tested and approved by the Research Institutes of Sweden with certificate number 77020,22.

  • Article nr: 10541
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    Diameter: Rope thickness: 6mm
    Material: Polyester silk rope
    PDF: Escape Rope

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