Innovator: Lars Söderlund

Hanger for hangers

Space-saving clothes hanger with hangers
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    • Space-saving clothes storage
    • Four clothes hangers in different lengths
    • Swedish-made, patented design

    This Swedish-made hanger is a flat, efficient clothes hanger with hangers that is perfect for hallways, boathouses, caravans, motorhomes, cloakrooms, hotel rooms and other spaces where you want to save floor space. The hanger mounts to the wall and has a clever patented design where the protruding hangers can be folded against the wall to take up minimal space.

    The hanger has four projecting hangers in different lengths that you can turn sideways 180 degrees. At the end of each hanger is the bracket where you hang the four hangers provided. The different lengths of the hangers provide air between the garments and by turning the hangers sideways you get a space-saving clothes storage that lies flat against the wall.

    The hanger is screwed with two screws on solid doors and walls made of wood, brick or concrete. Use the appropriate dowel and screw for the material you are mounting the hanger on.
    Screws and plugs not included.

    Maximum load
    How heavy a load you can hang on the hanger depends on the type of wall or door you mount the hanger on. You can hang more hangers and heavier clothes on the hangers when the hanger is mounted on solid walls.

    The Swedish-made hanger is designed by Lars Söderlund and produced in the Gnosjö region in Småland. The hanger is made of powder coated steel while the hangers are made of lacquered wood.

    What is included in the package?
    1 hanger
    4 hangers

    Pendant hangers

    Height: 24,5 cm
    Width: 2,5 cm
    Depth: 38 cm
    Turning radius 180 degrees: 73 cm (36.5 cm in both directions, from the centre of the bracket.)
    Depth of hanger 1: 35.5 cm
    Depth hanger 2: 32,5 cm
    Depth of hanger 3: 29.5 cm
    Depth hanger 4: 26.5 cm
    Pre-drilled screw holes x2: 0.6 cm in diameter
    Weight: 1 kg

    Pendant x4
    Width: 44,5 cm
    Height: 20,5 cm
    Depth: 1 cm
    Weight: 110 grams

  • Article nr: 13902
    Stock availability: 0
    Depth: 38 cm
    Height: 24,5 cm
    Material: Powder coated steel, lacquered wood
    Width: 2,5 cm
    Colour: White
    Weight: 1 kg kg

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