Shoe mat

Super absorbent mat for wet shoes and boots
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    • Super absorbent, fast-drying matt
    • Easy to fold, carry and store
    • Can be washed in a washing machine
    This super-absorbent mat provides a smart shoe rack for about 4 pairs of shoes wherever you need it. The shoe mat is easy to handle, can be washed if it gets dirty and is a modern alternative to hard plastic and rubber mats.

    Place it out when it's raining or snowing
    The shoe mat is practical to use in places where you may not always have a shoe rack, but need one when it's raining or snowing. For example by the balcony door, or as a supplement to a small doormat in the summer house. The mat provides a nice and tidy look and gives you a good place to put wet shoes and umbrellas.

    Easy to take with you on a trip
    The mat is easy to fold and easy to take with you on trips. Perfect for storing dirty shoes and boots in the boat, caravan or in the trunk of the car.

    Use with a shoe rack
    The shoe mat can also be used with an existing shoe rack. Slide the mat under the shoe rack to prevent water, dirt and gravel from accumulating on the floor when it's wet outside.

    Super-absorbent and quick-drying material
    The super-absorbent foam material in the mat effectively absorbs dripping water to avoid puddles forming on the floor. The quick-drying material allows air to flow through the mat and makes the water evaporate faster.

    The two hard plastic trays can easily be moved along the mat and placed where you want them. The plastic trays allow the air to circulate under the shoes, which makes the soles dry faster.

    Can be washed in the washing machine
    When the mat feels dirty, you can wash it in the washing machine to keep it fresh all year round. The mat can be washed without the plastic trays at a maximum of 30 °C. The plastic trays can be cleaned under running water.

    Design: Eugénie de Loynes and David Green
    Material: 100% polyester (polyurethane foam)
    Weight: about 330 g
    Mat: 89 cm x 33 cm
    Height: 1.5 cm
    Rack (x2): 22 cm x 33 cm

  • Article nr: 13588
    Stock availability: 57
    Height: 1.5 cm
    Length: 89 cm
    Material: 100% polyester (polyurethane foam)
    Width: 33 cm
    Weight: 0.33 kg

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