Hanging Plant Gardening Bag

Grow smart, save space
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    • Space efficient
    • Keeps plants away from animals
    • Easy to handle

    There are numerous benefits to growing your beloved plants in this cleverly designed hanging gardening bag. You not only spare your back the trouble of bending down to tend to the growing plants, but because they are elevated off the ground your plants are better protected from animals, pests, fungi and mould.

    Take after the cultivation professionals and grow your tomatoes upside down from the ceiling! When you grow them this way, the plants don't need to be tied up, the branches don't need to cut off due to the weight of the tomatoes, and you avoid any fungi or mould that may drift from fruit that's fallen to the ground. This innovative growing technique gives you finer tomatoes and in general just better fruit.

    The hanging plant gardening bag is also tremendously space efficient, letting you grow plants when room is scarce. Let your greenery hang down freely in the greenhouse, on the porch, or even from the balcony.

    Maximum load capacity 5 kg.

  • Article nr: 12116
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: 25 cm
    Height: 30 cm
    Length: Suspension chain: about 30cm
    Manual: English
    Material: Woven polythene
    Quantity per pack: 1 pc
    Weight: 0.130 kg

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