Hump strap for heavy items

Move heavy objects safely
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    • Fastens easily to objects
    • Even weight distribution
    • Straps with adjustable length

    This hump strap is a clever solution for carrying heavy items that is useful in the home or garden when you need to move large, heavy and unwieldy items. The straps hold the object securely and the handles on either side makes it easy for two people to move heavy objects without risking injury or accidents.

    The hump strap is useful for lifting large pots, boulders, logs, cement bags and large boxes. Fasten the strap around the object like a cradle. The sturdy handles on each side provide good grip when you lift and the adjustable length of the straps ensures a good working position. The weight is evenly distributed no matter the height of the people lifting.

    The maximum capacity of the strap is 90 kg. The moving strap can be used with objects with a maximum of 2.1 m in circumference or 68 cm diameter. The carrying strap is packed in a flexible storage bag that can be hung on the wall when not in use.

  • Article nr: 12614
    Stock availability: 1
    Diameter: 7.5 cm
    Length: 36 cm
    Manual: Images and instructions in English, Finnish and Spanish
    Other: Max capacity 90kg, 2.1 metres circumference/68cm diameter
    PDF: Manual

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Hump strap for heavy items Hump strap for heavy items
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