Innovator: Peter Johanson

Gravel shovel Skyfflalette

Ergonomic shovel for heavy landscaping tasks
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    • Sturdy shovel for gravel and other materials
    • Award-winning, ergonomic design
    • Made in Sweden

    The Skyfflalette is an award-winning shovel that allows you to shovel gravel, sand and other granular materials in a more ergonomic way. The tubular gravel shovel empties from the back. This reduces back strain and makes it easier to shovel and move material between bags, mounds, wheelbarrows, trailers and flower beds as well as to fill holes.

    Shovel for gravel, sand and other granular materials

    The ergonomic gravel shovel has a wide shovel at the front that can be used to shovel different types of materials. In addition to gravel, you can shovel chippings, mulch, shingle, pellets, feed, grain, grit and sand. You can also shovel soil and several other materials as long as they are not too wet.

    How to use the Skyfflalette gravel shovel

    Grab the gravel shovel by the front and rear handles and scoop up gravel. Lift the front handle and empty the contents straight back into a sack or wheelbarrow. You can adjust the weight by either just filling the front part of the shovel, or by shifting the gravel into the entire tube.

    Kind to the back, shoulders, neck and arm

    The long front handle means you don't have to bend down as far and can more easily balance the weight when shovelling. It also allows you to keep your wrist straight, reducing hand and forearm fatigue. By discharging the gravel straight out the back, you don't have to turn your body sideways and by keeping the shovel close to your body as you work, the muscles and joints in your shoulders and neck are also spared.

    The skateboarding accident that led to innovation

    Accidents are rarely at convenient times. Innovator Peter Johanson learnt this when he injured his back one day at the skate park with his five-year-old son. The injury was extremely inconvenient, as three tonnes of gravel were delivered to the garden just a few days later.

    Peter could not use a traditional shovel, but with an old soil pipe, Peter managed to shovel the gravel from the sacks to the wheelbarrow in an ergonomic way that spared his injured back. The idea for Skyfflalette was born, and with the help of Almi and Swerea IVF, Peter received assistance in developing prototypes of his innovation. Skyfflalette is now manufactured in Sweden from durable polythene plastic.

    Winner of the NES Innovation Prize

    The Skyfflalette gravel shovel was awarded the NES Innovation Prize at the IEA ergonomics conference in Florence 2018, established by the Nordic Ergonomics and Human Factors Society (NES) to recognise innovations in ergonomics.


    Length: 127 cm
    Diameter: 13 cm
    Width shovel: 17,5 cm
    Weight: 1,7 kg
    Material: Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Article nr: 14032
    Stock availability: 12
    Diameter: 13 cm
    Length: 127 cm
    Material: Polythene (HDPE)
    Width: 17.5 cm
    Colour: Black
    Weight: 1.7 kg

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