Innovator: Thomas Carlsson

Portable sack holder

Holds the sack to make gardening easier
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    • Makes gardening easier
    • Works with plastic sacks
    • Pole and wall fastener included

    This portable sack holder keeps your rubbish sack open, making it easy to rake in leaves and other gardening debris. The sack holder keeps its form while lying on the ground to help with the gathering of grass, sticks, leaves and branches.

    Working with this bag as you take care of your land can quickly and effectively aid you with gathering lawn debris directly from the ground. You don't need to lift up the piles of leaves one armful at a time, but instead you can rake in the leaves directly into the bag. The handle of the holder allows for a solid grip and even the wind will help you get it all in, just put the opening of the bag facing the direction the wind is coming in and watch how the bag opens and is filled with just a little help from your rake.

    This portable sack holder comes with a pole and a wall mounted holder.

    Insert the pole into the ground and attach the sack holder onto it. The sack holder keeps the sack standing while you work.

    Affix the wall mounted holder in your garage or against a wall to have a practical way to store your sack holder when it's not in use. The wall mounted holder should be placed where the sack can still rest on the ground.

    Suitable for 125 litres plastic sacks.

  • Article nr: 11358
    Stock availability: 6
    Quantity per pack: 1 portable bag holder including ground fixture and wall rack.

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