Inflatable kayak

Alone time on the lake or quality time with someone

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    • Steady in the water
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    • Choose between a 1-seater or 2-seater

    The inflatable kayak Betta from Aqua Marina is a stable and easy-to-paddle kayak that allows you to venture out on the water any time you want, on your own or together with family or friends.

    The kayak is perfect when you want to paddle out on a lake, explore small canals, or take a break from the beach hangout and just enjoy the water for a while.

    Inflatable chairs

    The inflatable kayak is available in two models, a 1-seater, and a 2-seater. Both models are easy to maneuver, stable, and have inflatable chairs that you can sit comfortably in. The inflatable chair gives a good comfort for the back, and the adjustable foot support in the front can easily be set up to give you a comfortable trip.

    Foot pump

    With the accompanying foot pump, it only takes 10 minutes to fill the three inflatable parts of the kayak with air (chair, deck, hull). Use the air pressure guide in the manual to inflate the kayak to the optimal level of air pressure. If it is hotter than 25 °C outside, it is recommended to only pump to around 80-90% of the maximal air pressure as the heat raises the air pressure.

    The kayak has sturdy handles both in the back and front that allows you to easily carry it to the lake and back. Once you have emptied the kayak of air it is easy to fold, and you can then put it away in the accompanying storage bag where it will be ready for your next day at the beach!

    Choose between a 1-seater and a 2-seater.

    1-seater kayak, Betta BE-312
    Length: 312 cm
    Width: 80 cm
    Weight: 9 kg
    Max load: 95 kg
    Max number off passengers: 1
    Air chamber: 2+1
    Draining valves: 1+2 self draining
    Material: Reinforced PVC

    In the package

    Storage bag, foot pump, 1 pc inflatable seat, 1 pc paddel, 2 pcs kayak finns, reparation kit, user manual in English.

    2-seater kayak, Betta BE-412
    Length: 412 cm
    Width: 80 cm
    Weight: 13,5 kg
    Max load: 155 kg
    Max number of passengers: 2
    Air chambers: 2+1
    Draining valves: 1+4 self-draining

    Maintenance advice

    Use clean water and a mild soap to wash away sand, salt, and dirt after each use. Remove the fins and clean the fin house. Dry off the kayak after cleaning it and make sure that it is completely dry before you fold it together. The kayak can be stored inflated or folded in the storage bag.

    Important! If you store the kayak inflated, it should be kept inside or in the shadow with only 60-70% air pressure. Check the air pressure and release more air if needed. For long-term storage, the kayak should be kept inside in room temperature.

    Do not drag the kayak along the ground as sharp objects can puncture it. Always use a life vest when you are out on the sea.

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