Inflatable SUP-board for 2 people

Paddle by yourself or with a friend

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Paddle for SUP-board Paddle for SUP-board
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    • Very stable SUP-board
    • For 1-2 people
    • Easy to bring along

    The inflatable Aqua Marina Super Trip is an incredibly stable SUP-board that gives you and your friend the freedom to glide out into the bay, paddle on an excursion, or just float around in the sun all day long. The SUP-board is 370 cm long and 82 cm wide. It is extremely stable in the water, and you can stand up, stand on your knees, or lie down on the board while paddling.

    The board is comfortable to stand on and gives you a solid grip for your feet even when the board is crashing through the waves. Using the transport-net, you can tie up packing and other tools that can be useful to have during a longer excursion.

    How do I fill the SUP-board with air?

    It takes around 5-10 minutes to fill the SUP-board with air, and the board has many handles that makes it easy to carry down to the water. Read the user manual to figure out which air pressure is recommended. If it is hotter than 25 °C outside, you should only fill it up to approx. 80-90% of the maximal air pressure, as the heat makes the air inside the board expand.

    The smart air valves make it easy to pump the board full of air and empty the air out when you are done. When the SUP-board is drained of air, you can easily fold it and stow away in the accompanying storage backpack.

    Note! Paddle and safety line is bought separately.

    Model: Aqua Marina Super Trip BT-21ST01
    Length: 370 cm
    Width: 82 cm
    Height: 15 cm
    Volume: 400 litres
    Net weight: 11,3 kg
    Max weight: 210 kg
    Max air pressure: 15 psi
    Air valves: 1 in the back
    1 year warranty from manufacturing defects
    Material: Reinforced PVC and EVA
    Number of handles: 7

    Included in the package (Paddle and safety-line is bought separately!)

    Storage backpack, 1 pump, 1 fin, reparation kit, user manual in English.

    How does an inflatable SUP-board differ from a regular board?

    When the SUP is inflated, you will barely feel any difference compared to a regular board. The difference is that an inflatable board can be drained of air, folded, and easily carried.


    After use, you should clean the board and the fin-mount from salt, dirt, and sand. Use freshwater and a mild soap, then dry the board completely before storing it.

    When you are not using the board, it should be kept indoors, or in the shade. Release some of the air so that the air pressure inside the board is only 60-70%. Check the air pressure from time to time and release more air if needed. The board can be stored inflated or folded.

    Do not drag the board along the ground, as sharp objects can puncture your SUP-board.

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    Length: 370 cm
    Width: 82 cm
    Weight: 11,3 kg

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Inflatable SUP-board for 2 people Inflatable SUP-board for 2 people

Paddle by yourself or with a friend

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