Ear protection for dogs

Let your doggy avoid loud noises
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    • On planes or in a noisy area
    • For New Year's Eve and other holidays
    • Fits cats too!

    Do you have a dog who is afraid of shots, bangs and rockets? Do you want to protect your dog from the noise of a private airplane, boat or antique car? You might even work together with your dog in an environment that isn't safe for a dog's sensitive ears. These noise dampening headsets can save your doggy!

    Put the headset on and your dog can hopefully no longer need to hide under the bed shaking during New Year's Eve firework displays or other sound-intensive situations. Train your pet to be comfortable with this headset before the loud noises start, so they are comfortable and content with them on, and also to make sure that they sit properly without any discomfort. This lets them avoid connecting this headset with an unpleasant situation. These headsets are also in use by many others, even the American Army uses them for their dogs.

    The hearing protectors attenuate approximately 25-28dB when they are correctly placed over the ears. They effectively remove high-frequency sounds that are inaudible to human ears, and the noise reduction is further enhanced by the dog's folded ears.

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Ear protection for dogs Ear protection for dogs
Let your doggy avoid loud noises
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