Laptop stand

Adjustable laptop stand that's easy to transport
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    • Fits most laptops and tablets
    • Adjustable angle with ten settings
    • Helps you sit more ergonomically

    Lightweight and flexible laptop stand that gives you a more ergonomic working position when you're sitting in front of your laptop. With the laptop stand's adjustable support, you can angle the screen so that you sit straighter and avoid sitting leaning forward over the desk.

    You can easily fold out the laptop stand by pulling the legs apart and angling up the support. With the two supports on each side, you can adjust the angle in 10 different settings. This allows you to easily adjust the angle to your computer size, chair and desk height.

    The laptop stand has rubber feet on the underside and stands firmly on the desk. When you have your computer on the laptop stand, you also make it easier for the computer fan to work properly as the increased airflow helps the fan to cool the computer more efficiently.

    The stand is very compact and can be folded up quickly and easily. Fold down the support and press the legs together so the laptop stand becomes a small flat package. You also get a small storage bag that you can store the stand in when you are not using it. The laptop stand weighs only around 200 grams and is easy to pack or transport in your bag.

    The laptop stand fits all laptops and tablets that are at least 15.5 cm wide.

    Dimensions unfolded
    Depth: 28 cm
    Height: 9 cm - 21 cm
    Width: 21.5 cm

    Dimensions folded
    Length 28 cm
    Width: 6 cm
    Height: 2.5 cm

    The two supports you fold up are 24.5 cm long
    Material: Plastic, non-woven bag
    Weight: about 220 grams

  • Article nr: 13334
    Stock availability: 94
    Material: Plastic
    Weight: 0,22 kg

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