Innovator: Andreas Magnusson
Andreas Magnusson

Northrack roof rack

Soft roof rack that fits most car models
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    • Fits most 4 door car models
    • Quick installation without tools
    • Easy to assemble, easy to remove

    Northrack is a Swedish-designed roof rack that is perfect for transporting things on the car roof without having a permanently installed roof rack. The soft universal roof rack fits most 4 door car models and is practical for both planned and unexpected situations when you need a little extra storage space on your car in a hurry.

    The Northrack roof rack is practical for transporting things to work, on your hire car on a holiday abroad or when you go to your weekend cottage. Transport awkward furniture, ladders, skis, snowboards, canoes and other long things that don't fit in your car on the two soft roof blocks.

    The roof blocks are as easy to assemble as they are to remove and move to another car. You place them directly on the car's roof and fasten them with durable straps through the car doors and under the roof. Each block has nine reinforced safety loops which you thread through your own tightening straps to attach what you're transporting to the roof rack.

    Northrack fits cars with or without rails and holds a recommended maximum of 30 kg *. You don't need any tools and it takes less than 2 minutes to get the roof rack in place on the roof. * NB! Always check the maximum weight the roof of your car can carry.

    The blocks and fastening straps weigh 1.8 kg together. They come in a practical protective case and are easy to store in your boot or carry over your shoulder when you want to move the roof rack to another car.

    The extremely durable blocks are made of EPE foam with waterproof PVC 600D canvas on the outside. The top and bottom feature RubberTek ™ rubber that prevents the blocks from slipping or scratching the roof.

    You can wipe the roof before attaching the roof rack with the included microfibre cloth so any dirt that is already on the car doesn't scratch the roof while you're driving.

    The tightening straps are water-resistant and have the same qualities as seat belts.

    Crash test certified
    Northrack has been approved and certified in a City Crash test (which is a part of ISO 11154:2007) performed by RISE – Research Institute of Sweden in Borås

    Recommended max load capacity: 30 kg. NB! As Northrack is directly on the car roof, you should always check the maximum weight the roof of your car can carry.
    Measurements: approx. 90 cm x 10 cm x 7.5 cm
    Weight: 1.8 kg

    The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty in case something goes wrong with the roof rack

    2 roof rack blocks
    2 tightening straps
    1 microfibre cloth
    1 protective case

    Will Northrack fit my car?
    Northrack fits most makes and car models both with and without rails. The roof rack is the easiest to mount on cars with 4 doors.

    What's the max weight?
    The recommendet maximum weight is 30 kg, but always check the maximum weight your roof carries. Take into account that Northrack is attached directly to the car roof.

    Will the roof be scratched?
    The roof rack blocks have RubberTek ™ rubber on the top and bottom which is gentle on the car and makes sure they don't slip when you're driving. Make sure you wipe the roof with the included microfibre cloth before installing the roof rack to make sure there is no dirt between the roof rack and the roof.

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    Length: 99 cm
    Weight: 1,8 kg
  • InnovatorAndreas Magnusson

    Andreas Magnusson is our innovator of the month, and his innovation is ideal for those who don’t want to install a roof box, but do want to transport things securely on the car roof. Andreas works as a marketing manager, but on evenings and weekends invests his free time in his innovation, the roof rack Northrack.

    “Northrack is designed for people who don’t want to have a roof rack but often need one.”

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