Make your own insect hotel

Build an insect hotel that houses several beneficial insects
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    • Build your own insect hotel
    • Has room for several useful insects
    • Complete building kit

    With this complete kit, you can build your own insect refuge for the useful insects that make your garden flourish. Building an insect house is a fun little project where children and adults can work together to assemble the insect house.

    The easy to assemble, insect hotel has several floors and can accommodate several different types of insects as guests. The hollow bamboo tubes and drilled holes can be used by important bees to shelter and lay their eggs, and ladybirds, spiders and two-tailed butterflies can move in among the cones. They're all useful creatures to have in your insect refuge, keeping other bugs out of the garden.

    Helping insects with a sheltered nesting place is good both for their survival and for making your garden flourish. Insects such as bees and other pollinators help with pollination and are an important part of making your garden thrive. In return, insects get a safe place to live in the insect hotel where several species of insects can live and overwinter at the same time.

    Once you have assembled the insect hotel, you can hang it on the wall of your house or tie it to a tree. A hanging device is not included, but the back has a keyhole attachment so you can easily hang the insect hotel on a nail or screw.

    Building kit for insect hotels - do it yourself
    Cones, bamboo canes, nets
    Nubb and nails
    Wood glue and hammers
    FSC certified wood building components
    Instructions on the back of the package

    Height: 26,5 cm
    Width: 18,5 cm
    Depth: 14,4 cm
    Weight: approx. 1,3 kg
    Suspension device not included.
  • Article nr: 13821
    Stock availability: 1
    Depth: 14,4 cm
    Height: 26,5 cm
    Material: FSC certified wood
    Width: 17,5 cm
    Weight: 1,3 kg

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