Reflective Hat

Warm reflective hat made of 100% merino wool

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    • Mulesing-free merino wool
    • Provides just the right amount of heat
    • Reflective pattern

    A warm and soft reflective hat made of 100% merino wool that keeps your head warm and makes sure you are visible in the dark. Merino wool naturally adapts to the surrounding temperature and provides you with just enough warmth.

    The soft merino wool provides more heat the colder it gets, but stays cool if the temperature rises. Merino wool is also very soft and not as itchy compared to other kinds of wool.

    The stylish reflective pattern is printed on all sides of the hat and reflects headlights. The reflective pattern not only makes you more visible in the dark, it is also a stylish detail.

    Airing the hat is usually enough to make it feel fresh again. Only wash the hat in the machine when it is absolutely necessary. Wash at 30 degrees with liquid detergent intended for wool. Shape the hat and pull it into the right shape while still wet and leave to air-dry.

    If you need to reshape the hat once it has dried, use the steam from an iron to soften the fibres again. Note: Do not dry the hat on a radiator, in a drying cabinet, or in direct sunlight.

    The reflective hat is made of 100% mulesing-free merino wool and is produced in Estonia.

    Adult hat circumference : 52-65 cm
    Children's hat circumference: 46-53 cm
  • Article nr: 13107
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    Material: 100% mulesing free merino wool

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