Napkin drawer with cotton napkins

Reuseable napkins in organic cotton
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    • Napkins in organic cotton
    • Hygienic napkin box in silicone
    • Replaces over 9300 disposable tissues

    LastTissue Box is a Danish-designed napkin box with 18 reusable cloth napkins in organic cotton. The cotton napkins are a reusable and environmentally smart alternative to disposable tissues and can replace over 9300 ordinary disposable paper napkins.

    The napkin box is practical to use at home, in the car, at work and at the restaurant. The soft cotton napkins are easily pulled out of the napkin box and are gentle on the mouth, nose and hands.

    Hygienic and easy to use
    Pull out a new napkin from the top and insert the used napkin into the bottom of the napkin drawer. The removable barrier inside the drawer separates the used napkins from the unused napkins.

    Replaces disposable napkins
    When the napkin drawer starts to fill up with used napkins, take out the used napkins and wash them in the washing machine.

    The cotton napkins can be washed up to 520 times. This means that the 18 napkins in the package can replace over 9300 disposable napkins before you need to replace them.

    Wash the napkins
    The cotton napkins can be machine washed at 60 °C. Make sure the napkins aren't rolled up when you wash them. Hang them to dry, fold and put back in the box again.

    The napkin drawer is easy to rinse out and can also be washed in the dishwasher.

    How to fold the napkins
    1. Place a napkin on the table.
    2. Place the next napkin so that it covers half of the napkin underneath.
    Fold the lower napkin in half.
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have folded all the napkins.

    Put the napkins in the napkin drawer again and pull out a small piece of the top napkin.

    Supplement with more napkins
    If you need to supplement with more napkins, you can buy extra napkins and handkerchiefs in cotton.

    About LastTissue Box
    The napkin box LastTissue Box is designed by the Danish company LastObject, whose goal is to reduce the use of disposable products. LastObject has also developed LastTissue, a handkerchief holder with cotton handkerchiefs, as well as reusable tops for both daily use LastSwab Basic and make-up LastSwab Beauty.

    Dimensions napkins: 19 cm x 19 cm
    Dimensions napkin drawer: 20.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 11 cm
    Weight: 300 grams

    Napkin: 100% organic and GOTS-certified cotton from India.
    Napkin box: High-quality food-approved silicone.
  • Article nr: 13664
    Stock availability: 0
    Height: 4.5 cm
    Length: 20.5 cm
    Material: Food grade silicone, GOTS certified organic cotton
    Quantity per pack: 1 napkin drawer. 18 reusable napkins
    Width: 11 cm
    Weight: 0.3 kg

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