Steel mat for the fireplace

Get less ash and make the most of all your fuel.
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    • Provides longer burn time
    • Heat is spread evenly at the bottom of the fire
    • Reduces fuel consumption

    Firemizer is a specially designed steel mat for the fireplace that you place under the wood in a stove or under the coals in the grill. The energy-efficient steel mat provides several benefits for your fire. It provides longer burning time, you make better use of all the fuel you put in and, in the long run, you also reduce your consumption of wood or coal.

    Firemizer takes advantage of all the fuel you put in
    Firemizer's smart design allows you to make the most of all the fuel you use. The fine mesh prevents small pieces from falling into the ash bed under the grate, and instead ensures that all the fuel you put in is used.

    Firemizer provides a longer burn time
    The finely woven mesh reduces the air supply at the bottom of the fire, especially when you stack the wood on a grate. The restricted air supply reduces the rate at which the fuel is consumed. The heat conductivity of the steel mesh also causes the heat to spread evenly at the bottom of the fire, allowing the fuel to burn more consistently.

    Combined with the fact that all the fuel you put in is consumed, the Firemizer can provide up to 45 minutes longer burn time.

    Firemizer reduces fuel consumption
    The combination of using fuel more efficiently and keeping the fire burning longer means you use less fuel in the end. Numerous tests* have shown that the consumption and cost of wood and coal can be reduced by up to 38% when using the Firemizer.

    Firemizer gives less ash to deal with
    More fuel burning also means less ash to dispose of. The fine ash contains no or only very small lumps of carbon that can only be brushed off before making a new fire.

    How to use Firemizer
    Take the Firemizer out of its packaging (wear protective gloves) and place it on the grate or at the bottom of the fireplace. Stack the wood on top of the Firemizer and light the fire. Before lighting a new fire the next time, just brush the ashes off the grate.

    Lasts for about 500 burning hours
    The Firemizer lasts for about 500 hours, which is about 6 weeks if you burn for 12 hours a day, or a season if you burn a little from time to time. When the Firemizer is used up, dispose of it as scrap metal.

    Can be cut to desired size
    The Firemizer is approximately 17.5 cm x 42 cm and designed to fit most stoves. If it's too big, you can cut it to size with scissors or wire cutters. If you have a large fireplace, you can use two steel mats next to each other.

    Patented manufacturing process
    The steel mat is made of a special stainless-steel alloy. During the patented manufacturing process, super-thin metal fibres are welded together to form a flexible and durable mesh. Firemizer is developed in the UK.

    Dimensions: 17.5 cm x 42 cm
    Material: special stainless-steel alloy
    Durability: approx. 500 burning hours

    *The independent tests were carried out by the University of Cambridge, the University of Nottingham, Kiwa GASTEC at CRE in the UK, and OMNI-Test Laboratories Inc in the USA.

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    Length: 42 cm
    Material: Special stainless steel alloy
    Width: 17.5 cm

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