Nasal Filter

Protection against pollen and pollution
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    • Filters up to 99% of airborne particles
    • Discreet alternative to masks
    • Increases the oxygen intake through the nose

    O2 Nasal filter is a comfortable and discreet one-time use protection that's worn in the nose. The nasal filter filters the approximately 20,000 breaths we breathe daily, and helps people who are allergic to pollen, as well as commuters and joggers to breathe better.

    This item filters about 99% of the airborne particles we are exposed to daily at home or in public environments. The filter is effective against pollen, exhaust, pollution, dust, bacteria and viruses. The discreet design makes it perfect to wear in traffic, at airports, work or in school.

    A positive effect when wearing the filter is that the walls in the nose widen, which makes you breathe in 60% more oxygen.It's a positive effect on the body, and helps oxygenate the muscles. If you work out a lot, you may want to use the larger size to widen the walls further.

    The filter can be worn during sleep and works as a good protection against allergies to dust and chiggers. The increased oxygen intake can also help people who snore to breathe better and get better sleep.

    The nasal filters' electrostatic filter technology from 3M works like a magnet when attracting particles of a size of 2.5 micrometres. The particle size is often measured in PM (Particle Matter) and this patented filter captures over 70% of PM2.5 and almost 100% of PM10. The harmful airborne particles get trapped in the filter, instead of your lungs.

    The nasal filter comes in multiple sizes and can be worn by children and adults. If you're unsure which size to use, always use the larger one so it sits well against the nasal walls. Down below are some general guidelines about the sizes:

    XSmall: children
    Small: women
    Medium: women and men
    Large: men

    O2 Nasal filters can be purchased in a pack of 3 or a pack of 10. A practical travel case comes supplied in the packaging.

    O2 Nasal filter is a one time use protection and can be worn up to about 12 hours before losing it's effects. The filter is made out of TPE-plastic and is free from latex and other additives. The plastic arch is made from polypropylene. Filter should be thrown in combustible after usage.

    O2 Nasal filter is patented in USA and tested by the third party lab LMS Technologies.

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    Material: TPE & polypropylene
    Quantity per pack: Choose between 3-pack and 10-pack O2 nasal filters

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