Innovator: Jennifer Welde
Jennifer Welde

Necklace with ring holder

Hang your ring securely around your neck
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      • Easy to place and remove the ring on the holder
      • Keep your ring safe and secure
      • Made of fine silver

      This ring holder is a Swedish designed necklace with a ring holder that keeps your ring secure around your neck for those moments when you can't

      or are not allowed to have your ring on your finger. The holder and the necklace are made of fine silver and the smart design makes it easy to put the ring on or take it off without needing to open the necklace.

      The ring holder is a very practical solution in careers where you are not allowed to have a ring, also in everyday situations where a ring can get in the way. When you work, exercise, cook, or dig in your flowerbeds your ring sits securely around your neck and you have full control over where it is.

      This ring holder can fit ring diameters up to 69 mm or ring size 22. The ring sits securely and attractively on the holder which ensures that the ring won't fall off. You can store up to three rings without issue at the same time on this ring holder necklace.

      The holder and necklace is made of 935 Argentium silver. Argentium is an extra-fine and cleaner silver that keeps its lustre longer than normal silver or stainless steel jewellery. The holder is crafted and polarised in Germany. The necklace has a strong clasp that can resist sudden and unexpected pulls.

      This ring holder is created by the physical therapist Jennifer. Due to hygiene rules, she could not have her ring on during the work day but she still wanted to have it with her. The idea grew and soon she had a smart necklace holder that was easy to use while at the same time being securely held during her entire work day.

      Specification and measurements
      Material: 935 Argentium silver

      Ring holder measurements
      Height: 28 mm
      Width: 25 mm
      Thickness: 3 mm

      Necklace measurements
      Length: 45 cm
      Thickness: 1.7 mm clasp
    • Article nr: 13397
      Stock availability: 3
      Material: ¨Ring holder and necklace: 935 Argentium silver , Ring holder: 935 Argentium silver. Necklace: 925 Sterling silver.
      Weight: 0,01 kg
    • Innovator Jennifer Welde

      In January 2018, Jennifer is working as a physiotherapist and has just been engaged to her partner. As most newly engaged people, she wants to proudly show off her engagement ring. Because she works in welfare, there are a fair amount of hygiene rules to follow, and Jennifer can not wear her ring during work hours. 

      -It was disappointing of course, to not have the opportunity to show my ring. It was then then I came up with Ringholder. 


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