Potato scrubber Potturi

Scrubs, peels and rinses new potatoes
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    • Water-saving potato scrubber
    • Scrubs, peels and rinses new potatoes
    • Holds about 0.5kg of new potatoes

    The Finnish-designed Potturi® potato scrubber allows you to quickly and efficiently peel, rinse and scrub new potatoes in the sea, lake or in a bucket of water. By shaking the potato at the surface of the water, the skin is peels off against the grooved inside of the potato scrubber and rinsed away through the round holes. In just a few minutes, the new potatoes will be rinsed and ready to be added to the pan.

    Scrubs, peels and rinses fresh potatoes

    When you use the Potturi, you peel, scrub and rinse new potatoes at the same time. It is a water-saving process and you can use, for example, sea water, lake water or rainwater caught in a bucket to wash the potatoes.

    Peels 0.5 kg at a time

    The Potturi potato peeler holds about 0.5kg of new potatoes. Open the Potturi and place the unpeeled new potatoes in one half. Attach the other half to the hinges and fold the two parts together. Make sure the potatoes have room to spin around. Then scrub the new potatoes by shaking the potato peeler at the surface of the water.

    The potato scrubber stays together as long as you hold the handle. Therefore, always put the potato scrubber down before disassembling the handles.

    How to scrub new potatoes with Potturi

    With a light grip and small, quick wrist movements, shake the potato peeler up and down at the surface of the water. Don't use your whole arm, just let your fingers and wrist do the work. After shaking the Potturi three times for about 20 seconds each time, the new potatoes should be scrubbed and rinsed. Shake some more if there are still unscrubbed potatoes.

    Easy to clean

    The Potturi potato scrubber is easy to clean after use. You can either rinse it off in the sea, hand wash it or put it in the dishwasher.


    Height: 29 cm
    Width: 14.5 cm
    Depth: 8.5 cm
    Width of handle: 12.5 cm
    Width of gap between handles: 8.5 cm
    Diameter of rinsing hole: 1.6 cm
    Volume: Holds approx. 0.5 kg of potatoes
    Weight: 235 grams
    Material: Food grade PA6 plastic
    Designed and made in Finland

  • Article nr: 14086
    Stock availability: 283
    Depth: 8.5 cm
    Height: 29 cm
    Material: Food approved PA6 plastic
    Volume: approx. 0.5 kg potatoes
    Width: 14.5 cm
    Colour: Black
    Weight: 0.235 kg

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