Innovator: BungyPump of Sweden

Nordic walking poles with suspension

Go for a walk no matter the season, and combine strength with stamina

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    • Telescopic poles with adjustable length
    • Change between springy and rigid poles
    • Choose between 4 or 6 kg resistance

    BungyPump Walkathlon is a pair of Nordic walking poles developed in Sweden that are suitable for beginners, casual exercisers, seniors, and athletes.

    The resilient resistor enhances the training
    The built-in resilience gives a versatile, effective training while not putting unnecessary strain on your body. The resistance activates circa 90% of the muscles in your body and you can burn up to 77% more calories compared to a regular walk.

    The pre-installed elastic band gives a resistance of 4 kilos and is perfect for rehabilitation, for seniors, and for those just starting to get into shape. The accompanying upgrade-kit allow you to change to a resistance of 6 kg when you feel ready for a bigger challenge. No tools are needed to change the resistance and there is a manual included.

    Adjustable length
    The poles are telescopic and the length can be adjusted steplessly from 113 cm to 155 cm. The handle is made of cork and gives a nice and ergonomic grip of the pole. When you are walking with the poles, use the accompanying gloves to make sure that you have a nice grip and do not drop the poles.

    Choose between springy or rigid poles
    The Walkathlon-model has a movable locking system that lets you adjust the poles to make them rigid. The rigid alternative fits perfectly for hikes, rough terrain, or as a support for slippery surfaces. Move the locking mechanism and attached it at the top of the middle-bone to make the poles rigid. If the locking mechanism is not in this position, the poles are springy.

    Walking guide for the poles
    Unscrew and pull out the telescopic leg to adjust the height. The pole should be the same height as your chest, or slightly lower. Use the markings on the poles to make sure they are even in height.

    Push the button on the top of the pole to release the glove. Adjust the straps to achieve desired size and put the glove back again. The gloves are marked with R and L so you can easily see which pole is right (R) and which is left (L).

    The pole should be angled down and back while walking, and ideally, the spikes should land just behind your heel. A good way of finding the right technique is to let the poles drag behind you when starting to walk. After you get the pendulum motion going with your arms, grab the handles on the poles and start walking with them.

    Choose between rubber foot and metal spike
    The walking poles are pre-installed with rubber feet and delivered with pole baskets that can be attached if need be. The rubber feet can also be removed if you want to use the hard tips of metal underneath. A smart feature to get a good grip on slippery surfaces like ice.

    The walking poles can be pulled apart into 3 pieces. The longest of the parts then becomes 68 centimetres long.

    The poles are made in Sweden by the Swedish company BungyPump of Sweden.

    Model: BungyPump Walkathlon
    Length: 113 cm - 155 cm
    Materials: Aluminium, cork, hard metal, natural rubber
    Suitable for: Beginners, seniors, athletes, and people in need of rehabilitation training
    Exercises: Strength and stamina by activating the whole body while walking
    Colour: Green
    Weight: 750 grams

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    Stock availability: 5
    Height: 116 cm to 155 cm
    Weight: 0,75 kg

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Go for a walk no matter the season, and combine strength with stamina

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