Blister-Prevention Sports Socks

Perfect for exercising, hiking and long-distance running
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    • Work like a second skin
    • Prevent blisters
    • Developed in Australia

    By wearing these clever sports socks from ArmaSkin, you can avoid getting blisters on your feet. The stocks were developed in Australia following several years of research and they are used by long-distance runners, extreme athletes, military staff, race walkers, hikers and long-distance hikers alike.

    The socks work like a second skin and the smooth outer layer protects your skin from the friction that occurs during exercise, long hikes or long runs. Wear the sport socks as a first layer against your skin under your regular socks. The outer layer is made of a glossy material that eliminates the friction between your foot and sock, and your sock and shoe. This protects your foot against blisters that easily arise due to the combination of friction, moisture and heat as you are walking or running long distances.

    The inside has a thin silicone polymer coating to keep the sock in place. The silicone ensures that the food can breathe and moves moisture away from the skin. The coating also inhibits the growth of bacteria so you can wear the socks several days in a row without having to wash them (however, it is still recommended that you wash the socks after every use to remove sand and dirt).

    The silicone makes it difficult for the socks to slide onto your feet and it is best to roll them on. Make sure the silicone polymer coating is against your skin, and that the seams and glossy material are on the outside. It is easiest to roll the sock up so that it is almost inside out. Put your toes in first and then roll the sock over your foot. Make sure the sock is nice and smooth all over your foot and ankle. Straighten any creases and make sure the seams are placed properly on your heel.

    Be sure to put the socks on the correct foot. You can tell which sock is which by checking the little label at the top of the sock. The label should be on the inside of your leg, and it is easy to check which sock is which even in the dark.

    Put your regular socks on on top of the sports socks and then put your shoes on as usual. Note: Since the sock is intended to reduce friction, your shoes may seem looser than usual. You can tie your laces slightly tighter than usual but be careful about pulling them too tight.

    The socks can be washed in the washing machine along with your regular clothes but avoid using bleach and softener. If you wash your socks by hand, be careful when washing the inside. Rubbing the inside too hard can wear on the silicone. The socks usually dry overnight and, if cared for properly, the socks will last for at least 400-500 km of use. Do not dry-clean.

    Size guide
    Small: Size 35-40
    Medium: Size 38-44
    Large: Size 42-46
    XLarge: Size 46+

    Material: Polyester, spandex and silicone.

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    Material: Polyester, spandex and silicone
    Quantity per pack: One pair of socks

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Blister-Prevention Sports Socks Blister-Prevention Sports Socks
Perfect for exercising, hiking and long-distance running
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