Collapsible foam roller

The world's first collapsible foam roller
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          • For massage, stretching and rehabilitation
          • Fold up and take with you in the bag
          • Can withstand up to 160 kg in weight

          The Morph foam roller from Brazyn is the world's first foam roller that can be folded up when you're not using it. The collapsible foam roller is easy to carry in your gym bag and is therefore easy to include in your training routines wherever you are.

          A foam roller is an excellent tool for training, stretching and rehabilitation. Among other things, you can use the foam roller to stretch hard-to-reach muscles, give trigger point massage on knots and soften stiff areas. The foam roller can be used as an effective training tool for many different muscles.

          The foam roller from Brazyn can be used by all gym-goers and athletes, regardless of their level of expertise. The foam is not too hard and not too soft, making it perfect for both first-time users and experienced foam roller users.

          When the foam roller is folded, you can easily fit it in your backpack or exercise bag. The foam roller is also approved to take on flights, meaning that you can always take it with you, no matter where you go.

          Brazyn's Morph foam roller is made of eco-friendly materials such as aluminum, bamboo and recycled foam and can withstand force of up to 160 kg. The form roller is latex-free and safe for use by people who are sensitive to latex.

          The foam roller from Brazyn is available in two models: Morph Alpha and Morph Bravo

          Morph Alpha
          The Alpha model has a medium-high density and is slightly stiffer than Morph Bravo. The patented thumb-shaped bulges around the entire roll are perfect for those who want a deep massage. The bulges are designed to access trigger points, penetrate deeper into muscle tissue and loosen knots better.

          Morph Bravo
          Bravo has a medium-low density and a smoother rolling surface for a more traditional feel. The different levels still help to isolate muscle knots, but are less intense than those of Morph Alpha.

          How to unfold the foam roller
          Pull both strings at the same time with a firm grip until the wooden slats are fully upright against the walls on both sides. Double check that they're completely in place before using the foam roller.

          How to fold up the foam roller
          Push the support discs back in to fold up the foam roller. Press where it says ""PUSH"" on the sides to make the roller easier to fold.

          Length: 37 cm
          Folded height: 5 cm
          Folded width: 17 cm
          Unfolded: 14 cm in diameter
          Made in Europe.

          Weight Morph Alpha 0.8 kg
          Weight Morph Bravo 0.7 kg
          Quantity per pack: 1 foam roller. Choose between Morph Alpha and Morph Bravo models.

          Nate Lawrie, the NFL veteran who wondered if he'd ever be able to play again
          Brazyn was established by Nate Lawrie, an NFL pro drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who played a total of eight seasons in the National Football League.

          When he played for the New Orleans Saints in his third year, Nate suffered a season-ending back injury. He did what he could to try to get back on track, but nothing helped, and the pain only got worse. When the Saints played in the semifinals later that year (NFC Championship), Nate was at home wondering if he would ever be able to play American football again.

          But on a visit to a world-famous Pilates guru, Nate was advised to use his foam roller as the main tool to rehabilitate his back and keep it in shape. With a few simple stretching exercises, abdominal exercises and a few minutes of massage every day, Nate regained the strength to get back on the field. He went on to play another five seasons, always with his foam roller by his side.

          However, his relationship with his foam roller was love-hate. It was useful, but carrying it around was awkward. After building a more or less functional prototype in his garage with things he bought at the hardware store, he decided to make his ambition of building a seriously durable but portable foam roller that takes up a fraction of the space of a regular foam roller a reality.

          Nate took the idea to the American TV programme Shark Tank. After a bidding war between four investors, Nate accepted an offer from Sara Blakely and Lori Grainers. Today, Morph Foam Roller is used by both regular gym-goers and professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, athletics leagues, US Army and more.

          Useful training tips

          Using a foam roller is scientifically proven to improve mobility, reduce exercise-related muscle pain, increase joint mobility and strengthen muscle. Thanks to this technology, you get the most out of your foam roller and can avoid pain caused by training.

          When using a foam roller, remember to:
          Roll slowly over the muscles so you can feel out for sore points and knots.

          Pause over knots and sore areas. Try and slowly increase the pressure on the area until you feel it begin to loosen.

          Breathe. Focus on your breathing and use good breathing techniques to inhale and exhale slowly. This helps increase the level of oxygen in your blood.

          Repeat the rehabilitation procedure on areas that need extra attention. Make it a daily routine. Don't wait until it's too late and you've injured yourself.

          You can find more smart tips on exercises with foam rollers on Brazyn's website:

          NOTE! Clicking the link will open a new window. The page is in English.

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          Diameter: 14 cm
          Height: 5 cm
          Length: 37 cm
          Material: Aluminum, bamboo and recycled foam
          Quantity per pack: 1 foam roller. Choose between the Alpha and Bravo models.
          Width: 17 cm

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