Paul Brunngård AB - Experts at shoecare and shoe accessories

Paul Brunngård AB is a family company with a long history of entrepreneurship. The company was founded in 1983 by Madeleine and Per-Ola Brunngård in Sparsör outside Borås and has been owned since 2002 by their son, Paul Brunngård.

The Brunngård family has always been interested in shoes, shoe care and all kinds of shoe accessories. The knowledge they have acquired over the years has made Brunngård the Nordic region's leader in modern footwear accessories and experts in shoecare.

The company places great emphasis on quality, fair working conditions and its business is conducted according to a strict environmental policy. The products must maintain their high quality without harming the environment, which was rewarded when Paul Brunngård AB became the first in the world to win the label Good Environmental Choice for their shoecare products.

Since 2015, Paul Brunngård's head office and warehouse are located in Varied, a town between Borås and Gothenburg. They are also a support company for the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.
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Reusable Hand warmers Reusable Hand warmers
Get warm fast. Reusable.
7.50 €
Foot brush for the shower Foot brush for the shower
Wash your feet without slipping
14.20 €
Shoestrings that tie themselves Shoestrings that tie themselves
Practical for when one has a hard time tying shoestrings
5.60 €
Silk Foot Spray Silk Foot Spray
Protects your feet with a layer of silk
9 €
Measuring device for shoes and feet Measuring device for shoes and feet
Easy to find your shoe size
19 €
Cleaning Kit for Trainers Cleaning Kit for Trainers
Keep your white trainers white
21.80 €
Barefoot soles, 6 pairs Barefoot soles, 6 pairs

Moisture absorbing Deo soles for your shoes

9.40 €
Foot Warmers Foot Warmers
Warm disposable insoles for ski boots, boots & shoes
4.70 €
Elastic shoestrings Elastic shoestrings
Perfect for gym shoes
5.20 €
Elastic shoelace with shoelace clip Elastic shoelace with shoelace clip
Tighten your shoes with the shoelace clip and avoid tying
7.60 €
Cord Stopper 4-pack Cord Stopper 4-pack
Quick release for strings and cords
4.80 €
Hand warmer Hand warmer
Warm your hands quickly
2.80 €
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