Plate for induction cooker

Use all your pots and pans on your induction cooker
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    • Use all your old containers on your induction cooker
    • Medium sized plate made of stainless steel
    • Handle for practical use

    If you have recently changed to using an induction cooker, this induction plate is a helpful solution; you can use your pots and pans that aren't magnetic on your new cooker. Pots, pans and skillets made of aluminium, copper, ceramic or stainless steel are usually not able to use with an induction cooker - but with this, they can!

    This Induction plate is also usable on electric stove-tops and has a removable handle that allows the plate to be used on a gas stove as well. The handle can be used when the container is the same size or smaller than the induction plate.

    The plate works like a standard stove range burner, and keeps the food warm for 5-10 minutes after the stove has been turned off.
    This plate is not advised for use with glass containers.


    Place the induction plate on the induction cooker and then put your desired container on it. The stove is now ready to use.

    ATTENTION! Be careful with the heat in the beginning and never use Power, Boost or the highest heat level without a container on any stove - doing this can damage your stove.
    ATTENTION! Never use the induction plate without a container on it - doing this can damage your stove.

    Try to optimise your container's size in comparison with the size of your induction plate.If you use a container with a diameter that is smaller than your induction plate, you should only have it on low to medium heat - high heats can damage your cooker. If you use a container with a diameter that is larger than your induction plate then the heat will take much longer to rise.

    Note that the induction plate is not optimal for boiling water. At very high temperatures the induction plate can turn yellow, which is completely normal.

    This induction plate is made of stainless steel and is 100% recyclable.

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    Diameter: Choose induction plate Ø 14.5cm or Ø 22cm
    Material: Stainless steel
    Quantity per pack: 1 detachable handle , 1 pc with detachable handle

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