Innovator: Emma Pihl

Posture White, posture support

Trains your back muscles to make your posture proud
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    • Helps you achieve good posture
    • Trains your back muscles
    • Worn underneath or on top of your clothes

    Posture is a practical harness that reminds you when you lose your posture. It helps you develop your muscles in order to improve your posture, helps you breathe deeper, improves your charisma and minimizes the risk of strain injuries.

    Posture can be worn either underneath or on top of your clothes and it reminds you as soon as you start to slouch. The harness helps you pull back your shoulders and press your chest forward in a way that activates your muscles. That way you develop both the large and small muscles that improve your posture.

    The harness is ideally used during one hour intervals. If you start off using Posture for a longer period of time it may induce muscle soreness. Posture is put on over your shoulders much the same way as you put on a rucksack. Adjust the elastic so that it stretches comfortably across your shoulders without obstructing your mobility. You want a snug fit without the straps rubbing your armpits.

    Determine which size is best for your by threading a tape measure from the back of your neck, round the front of your shoulder (like the straps on Posture), under your armpits and behind your back (see the picture). The table below can be used as a guide. The sizes are adjustable.

    XS: measurements 80-95 cm (the pack is marked sx)
    Small-Medium: measurements 95-115 cm (the pack is marked s-m)
    Medium-Large: measurements 110-135 cm (the pack is marked m-l)
    XL: measurements 135-165 cm (the pack is marked xl)

    Posture White comes in four adjustable sizes. Wash in the washing machine with similar colours at 40 °C.

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    Material: 100 % Polyester , Textile
    Quantity per pack: 1 pc

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