Innovator: Emma Pihl, Henrik Bie

Posture Balance balance seat

Turn your office chair into a balance chair
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          • Strengthen your core muscles as you work
          • Gives you an ergonomic working position
          • Unstable seat that improves your posture

          Posture Balance is an ergonomic balance seat that activates the muscles in your torso when you sit down to work or study. The balance seat provides a low-intensity workout that strengthens your core muscles. It gives you better posture, increases your balance and mobility and prevents pain from too much sitting down.

          The unstable seat can tip in all directions. This means that you constantly need to use your muscles to sit straight on the chair. At first, it's hard just to sit straight. But as you build muscle, you'll feel ready to up the challenge. Try sitting straight with only one or neither foot on the ground, for example.

          A strong torso is the foundation of good posture. By sitting on the seat for 15-30 minutes every day, you increase the strength in your abdominal and back muscles without having to go to the gym. With strengthened muscles in your torso, you also get increased blood circulation, which reduces tension and gives you better mobility.

          The raised seat also gives you an ergonomic position when you sit down to work as your spine rests in a natural S-shape. Your legs also get more than a 90-degree slope down to the floor, which increases blood circulation through the hip.

          The balance seat has a similar function as a Pilates ball. However, it's much smaller and easier to store when you're not using it. Also, by being able to lean to the side on this seat, you can also stretch the muscles at the sides of your back.

          MDF wooden board, soft seat of polyester and cotton, rubber and steel

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          Diameter: 30 cm
          Weight: 1,8 kg

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        Emma Pihl, Henrik Bie Emma Pihl, Henrik Bie
        Posture Balance balance seat Posture Balance balance seat
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