Innovator: Anette Andersson
Anette Andersson

Pull-out shoe horn WALLi

Swedish designed wall hung shoe horn
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    • 43 cm long shoe horn
    • Hangs on a pull-out wire
    • Nice decorative detail in the hall

    The WALLi pull-out shoe horn is a wall-mounted shoe horn that's always there when you need to put your shoes on. The shoe horn is attached to a 100 cm long pull-out wire and hangs from a stylish wall bracket that you attach to the wall.

    The Swedish-designed shoe horn is a stylish detail in the hallway, office and other places where you take off and put on shoes. When you put on your shoes, pull the shoe horn out of the wall mount. The 43 cm long shoe horn makes it easier to put on both low shoes and higher boots. When the shoes are on your feet, return the shoe horn to the wall bracket.

    Tips! The wire rolls in by itself when you release the shoe horn, so be careful when putting on your shoes and don't let the shoe horn go too far from the wall mount.

    About the innovator behind WALLi skohorn

    Founder and innovator Anette Andersson has carried the idea for WALLi with her for many years. Over the years, Anette has been annoyed by the lack of shoe horns in test cabins, training halls, workplaces and many other places where people take their shoes off and on.

    The pull-out shoe horn has been in the back of her mind for many years, and finally Anette decided to make her idea a reality. Since its launch, Anette's design-protected shoe horn has already been installed in test rooms and hotel rooms, as well as in gyms and sports halls. With WALLi shoe horns, you no longer have to look for the shoe horn.


    1. Measure the location of the wall bracket and make sure that you mount the wall bracket far enough down for you to put on your shoes. The wire is 100 cm long and the shoe horn is 43 cm long.
    2. Unscrew the screws on the sides of the shoe horn.
    3. Unscrew the wall bracket from the shoe horn and screw it to the wall. Use the appropriate plug and screw for the wall you are screwing the shoe horn to. NOTE! Screws and dowels are not included.
    4. Replace the shoe horn on the bracket and screw the screws back on the sides of the shoe horn.

    Buy a protective wall plate
    Complete your pull-out shoe horn with the WALLi wall plate. Available in black, white, silver-grey and brass, the wall plate provides a nice backdrop to the shoe horn, while protecting the wall from impact.

    Shoe horn: 43 cm x 3,5 cm
    Diameter wall mount: 9 cm
    Wire: extendable 100 cm
    Should not be used by children under 3 years old
    Screws and plugs not included.
    The shoe horn is made of recycled wood and the wall bracket is made of metal.

  • Article nr: 13890
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: 9 cm
    Length: 43 cm
    Material: Metal, recycled wood
    Width: 3,5 cm
    Colour: Black , White
    Weight: 0,26 kg , 0,26 cm kg
  • Anette Andersson | SmartaSaker

    Innovator: Anette Andersson

    The idea for Anette Andersson's innovation came to her when she was standing in a fitting room without access to a shoehorn. 15 years later, the idea became a reality. Today, Anette devotes herself full-time to her innovation WALLi, the wall-mounted shoehorn.

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Anette Andersson Anette Andersson
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