Innovator: Gunnar Kristiansen
Gunnar Kristiansen

Shoe horn with shoe horn holder

The shoe horn from Alltid Mé
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    • Long metal shoe horn
    • Can be attached to crutch, cane & walker
    • Also works as a crutch & cane holder

    Alltid Mé is a Swedish-designed shoe horn with a shoe horn holder for rollator, crutch and cane. The long shoe horn is made of metal and also has a plastic knob that allows you to hang your crutch or cane away when you need to use both hands.

    Can be attached to crutches, canes & walkers

    The smart shoe horn holder is easy to clip around a cane, crutch or walker that is between 19-24 mm in diameter. When the holder is in place, you then insert the shoe horn into the holder. The long shoe horn is now always with you and you don't have to worry about whether there is a shoe horn where you are going.

    Long metal shoe horn

    The long shoe horn is made of sturdy light metal. It is 58 cm long and has a plastic-covered knob at the top that provides good friction against tables, counters and chairs. This makes it easier to hang up your crutch or cane when the shoe horn is attached to the holder.

    Included Velcro for vertical mounting

    When mounting on the inclined legs of the rollator, you only need to use the shoe horn holder to ensure that the shoe horn is firmly attached.

    For vertical mounting on a crutch or cane, it may be helpful to also use the supplied Velcro strap. Place one Velcro piece high up on the shoe horn and one Velcro piece in the corresponding place on the crutch. The shoe horn is now more stable with the help of the Velcro and will not risk falling off when you are out walking.

    About the innovator behind Shoehorn Alltid Mé

    BendRe® - shoe horn is developed by innovator Gunnar Kristiansen. It was after a visit to the boat show, where he either had to put plastic protectors on his shoes, or take them off to get on the boat, that Gunnar realised he needed a product to make everyday life easier for disabled people who want to be able to manage on their own.

    Since it's difficult to bend down and a long shoe horn is rarely available in public places, the solution was a long shoe horn that you can carry with you throughout the day. For the doctor's appointment, the visit to the grandchildren or the swimming pool. In addition, the shoe horn also serves as a clever crutch & cane holder so you can hang your crutch away when you need to use both hands, for example when paying at the shop.

    In the package
    1 long metal shoe horn
    1 BendRe shoe horn holder
    Self-adhesive Velcro for vertical mounting



    Length: 58.3 cm
    Width: 4.4 cm
    Weight: approx. 250 grams
    Color: Silver/black or Black/black. Shipped in mixed colors.

    Shoe horn holder

    Height: 2,5 cm
    Width: 5,8 cm
    Depth: 3,8 cm
    Weight: about 20 grams

    Cardboard bit

    Length: ca 3,5 cm
    Width: 2 cm
  • Article nr: 13946
    Stock availability: 17
    Length: 58,3 cm
    Material: Metal, rubber, plastic
    Width: 4,4 cm
    Weight: 0,27 kg
  • Gunnar Kristiansen | SmartaSaker

    Innovator: Gunnar Kristiansen

    Gunnar Kristiansen is always coming up with new ideas, and after appearing on the Swedish Dragon's Den, he made a big impact with his innovative shoe horn holder, "Alltid Me". With the smart shoe horn holder for crutches, canes and walkers, Gunnar has made himself more independent and simplified both his own, and many others', daily lives.

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