Satake table-top barbecue

Practical charcoal barbecue for buffet barbecues
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    • Barbecue together
    • Traditional Japanese table-top barbecue
    • Perfect for buffets

    Satake Hibachi is a great mini Japanese table-top barbecue that you can put in the middle of the table so everyone can barbecue together. Nobody needs to stand by the barbecue on their own when you have a table-top barbecue ? everyone can sit together and barbecue delicious antipasti, vegetables and kebabs.

    The table-top barbecue is for outdoor use only and is perfect for a nice dinner on your patio. Light the barbecue and then wait until the fire has reduced to embers before getting out the barbecue ingredients. Then simply place them on the barbecue and start cooking! If you need to refill the barbecue with additional charcoal, carefully lift the hot top with a barbecue utensil and add a little more charcoal.

    The barbecue works best with charcoal that smokes less but it also works with regular charcoal. The barbecue gets very hot when in use and must be placed on a flat stone or other heat-resistant surface that can withstand high temperatures.

    The table-top barbecue is made of organic diatomaceous earth. The inside surface of the barbecue can crack slightly over time but this is natural and doesn't affect its quality or functionality.

    Wash the barbecue by hand once you've finished using it. The barbecue and the heat-resistant paper are not waterproof and should not be washed up.

    The table-top barbecue comes with an attractive wooden mat that you can store with the barbecue when you're not using it. Please note that the wooden mat cannot be used to support the barbecue when you're using it. Instead you should use a heat-resistant material such as a stone when you're barbecuing. The barbecue can damage the wooden mat with burn marks due to the high temperatures.

    Store the barbecue indoors in a dry place. Make sure you empty the barbecue and get rid of all the ash before you store it. Don't use charcoal briquettes as they get too hot and will cause more smoke than charcoal.

    Measurements: 25 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm
    Barbecue surface: 21 cm x 11 cm
    Weight: 3.3 kg
    Material: Organic diatomaceous earth. Treated heat-resistant paper.
    Charcoal not included.

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    Depth: 15 cm
    Height: 10 cm
    Length: 25 cm
    Material: Organic diatomaceous earth. Treated heat-resistant paper.
    Weight: 3,3 kg

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