Shoe studs

Durable metal studs to be screwed onto the shoe

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Extra shoe studs Extra shoe studs
23.70 €
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    • Provides good grip on ice and hard packed snow
    • 20 hard metal studs
    • Tool included

    With the BestGrip shoe studs you can quickly give your regular boots and running shoes added strong grip for slippery surfaces. The hard metal studs can be screwed into all types of shoes with rubber sole and using the tool makes is easy to attach the studs to the sole.

    The studs are made of durable hard metal which provides really good grip on ice and packed snow. Use the tool to easily attach the studs on the rubber under the heel and on the front sole. The rubber must be at least 11 mm thick under the heel and just over 8 mm under the sole (front foot) for the studs to attach properly.

    At the end of winter you can easily detach the studs and use your shoes indoors and on dry land. When next winter arrives you can again attach the studs on the shoes.

    The package contains a total of 20 studs. 12 for the front sole and 8 for the heel. This means you should attach 6 studs to the front sole of each shoe and 4 to each heel.

    Package contents:
    1 tool

    12 front sole studs:
    Diameter 7.9 mm x length 11.4 mm.
    Attached 7.9 mm, the tip protrudes 3.5 mm and is 1.7 mm in diameter.

    8 heel studs:
    Diameter 7.9 mm x length 15.1 mm.
    Attached 10.7 mm into the sole, the tip protrudes 4.4 mm and is 1.7 mm in diameter.
  • Article nr: 13763
    Stock availability: 0
    Material: Hard metal
    Quantity per pack: Tool included , Total of 20 studs. Front: 12. Heel: 8

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Shoe studs Shoe studs

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