Innovator: Staffan Skeppstedt

Cane shoe with ice spike

Stable grip with a collapsible ice spike
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    • Collapsible ice spike
    • Fits both canes and crutches
    • Use the same cane shoe year-round

    This practical cane shoe in durable elastic rubber with a collapsible ice spike is one that you can use all year round. This cane shoe fits most canes and crutches and can be used both inside and outside.

    The ice spike is easy to extend and collapse with this cane shoe. With the ice spike extended your cane can provide a steady grip on icy streets or snowy parking lots in the winter, as well as rainy or dewy grass in the summer.

    Retract the ice spike again when you go into the shop or come back inside after a walk. The ice spike hides inside the cane shoe so you instead lean on the durable rubber. The grooved rubber gives a stable grip on floors, asphalt and gravel roads.

    This cane shoe fits most cane and crutch models and comes in three sizes:
    Small 12.5-16.5 mm
    Medium 16.5-21.3 mm
    Large 21.3-27 mm

    This cane shoe fits easily over the bottom of the cane or crutch. The elastic opening surrounds the shaft of the cane or crutch. This cane shoe is made of elastic rubber (polyurethane) and the ice spike is made of stainless steel.

    The cane shoe "Ingrid" is made in Segeltorp in Stockholm.
  • Article nr: 11044
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    Diameter: Small 12.5-16.5mm. Medium 16.5-21.3mm. Large 21.3-27mm
    Material: Polyurethane & stainless steel

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