Extreme Spikes

Provides extremely good grip on snow & ice
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    • Provides good grip on snow & icy streets
    • Fits snugly over the shoe
    • Stainless steel & tungsten studs

    With a pair of extreme boots, you can feel extra safe when you're out in nature or walking on icy city streets. Whether you're using ice boots for work or play, extreme boots give you a really good grip and prevent you from falling on slippery patches of ice and packed snow.

    Breadcrumbs for outings & walks

    The extreme boots are suitable for all kinds of excursions, walks and stays in nature. Whether you're hiking, hunting or walking in a snow-covered city, the 20 studs on each bridge ensure that every step provides a really good grip.

    Stainless steel & tungsten studs

    The double bars are made of stainless steel. In selected places under the pins, the studs also have a tungsten tip. The pointed studs give an extra good grip when you step off and put your foot down. The studs can withstand hard wear and tear and can also be replaced when you want to put on new studs. Use a wrench to screw the studs in and out.

    Attached with double velcro

    The extreme boots attach as an extra shoe over your regular shoe. With strong Velcro straps, the braces are attached over the forefoot and behind the shoe. The laces are firmly attached over the shoe and do not slip around when you walk.

    Avoid using indoors

    The extreme boots are adapted for use on snow and ice. They should not be used indoors due to the risk of damaging floors and the risk of slipping on wet and slippery floors.

    Size guide

    The brooches are available in several sizes. If you are unsure of your size, it is usually better to go for a slightly larger size as winter shoes and boots are larger than normal shoes.

    Small: 36-39
    Medium: 40-41
    Large: 42-43
    XLarge: 44-45

    Material studs: stainless steel, half of the studs also have tungsten tips.
    Number of studs: 20 per brooch
    Colour: blue/black
    Extreme brooms from Nordic Grip are CE marked according to PPE 2016/425

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Extreme Spikes Extreme Spikes
Provides extremely good grip on snow & ice
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