Shopping bag for cart

Roomy and durable to make big shops easy
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    • Holds the same amount as 2-3 plastic bags
    • Stays open for easy packing
    • Collapsible, durable& water repellent

    Roomy, collapsible shopping bag that fits in your shopping trolley and makes it easy to transport your shopping home. A shopping bag with the same space as 2-3 plastic bags. Save money and the environment! No need to buy plastic bags every time you go food shopping.

    Put the shopping bag in the shopping trolley, fold up the edges and attach them to the sides of the trolley. The shopping bag stays open so you can easily pack your groceries at the checkout. This shopping bag is perfect for scanning your items yourself. You can pack everything straight into the bag and pay using the scanning device

    The shopping bag has a velcro closure and reinforced carry handles that make it easy to carry your shopping home. The bag has a small inside pocket and a mini inside pocket for two trolley coins. Fold the shopping bag up when you're not using it for easy storage.

    Made of durable polyester that is waterproof. A super durable fabric so you can use the bag again and again.

    Volume: 30 litres
    Width: 51 cm
    Height: 38 cm
    Depth: 32,5 cm
    Folded up: 35 cm x diameter 7 cm

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