Innovator: Gunnar Larsson, Lennart Fellinger & Bengt-Göran Persson
Bengt-Göran Persson, Gunnar Larsson och Lennart Fe

Solar-powered bilge pump

Helps you to empty out water from the boat

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    • Pumps out the rainwater when the sun is out
    • Built-in level sensor that senses the water level
    • Perfect for small open boats

    With a solar-powered bilge pump you save yourself all the time and effort spent on pumping the rainwater out of your open boat during the wet season of the year. As soon as the sun comes out after the rain it will automatically start pumping the water away.

    The solar-powered bilge pump is ideal for small open boats. The pump has a built-in level sensor, so even if the sun is behind the clouds it will start pumping. The water is removed through a 1.5 metre-long pipe that you can place over the rail or down to the engine well on an outboard motor.

    The capacity of the pump depends on the time of the year, the amount of sunlight, and how much water needs to be pumped. When the sun is shining and there is 50 cm of rainfall the pump can pump approximately 225 litres per hour. If it is cloudy and there is a higher amount of rainfall, the capacity of the pump is reduced.

    The pump is best placed on the flooring towards the stern of the boat, and is then connected to the solar panel with a 1.6 m long cable. The pump also has a filter that prevents leaves and other dirt from getting stuck in the pipe. The pump will automatically turn itself off when there is only 25 mm of water left so that it doesn't go dry.

    The solar panel is 26 x 17 cm and is best mounted on the aft thwart. The main goal is to make sure that the solar panel get as much sun as possible when the boat is moored.

    Included in the package
    The solar-powered bilge pump comes with a complete kit including mounts and accessories.
    Instructions for use in Swedish are included in the package.
    Rechargeable battery purchased separately.
    Pump protection is purchased separately.

    Buy a rechargeable battery
    You can buy a rechargeable battery for the solar-powered bilge pump. The extra battery does not require solar energy so you can use the pump when the sun isn't shining. A fully charged battery can drain a boat for about 500 litres of water.

    You can buy a battery for the solar-powered bilge pump here.

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    Battery time: No built-in battery
    Manual: Swedish manual
    Quantity per pack: Complete installation kit
  • InnovatorsBengt-Göran Persson, Gunnar Larsson och Lennart Fellinger

    Bengt-Göran Persson, Gunnar Larsson and Lennart Fellinger were originally colleagues but are now retired. But none of them have slowed down for it. During the summer, their companies are at their busiest, when the trio's innovations sell best. Their solar-powered bilge pump, pumps rainwater out of the boat and saves you the trouble of scooping it out. 

    "I was tired of bailing my boat and found it hard to go out to the summer cottage to check on the boat and make sure it hadn't sunk. Now I don't have to," says Bengt-Göran.


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Gunnar Larsson, Lennart Fellinger & Bengt-Göran Persson Gunnar Larsson, Lennart Fellinger & Bengt-Göran Persson
Solar-powered bilge pump Solar-powered bilge pump

Helps you to empty out water from the boat

82 €
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