Sprayer 2.2 Litres

Large sprayer for water, fertiliser and plant protection products
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    • Choose between jet and water mist
    • For water, fertiliser and plant protection products
    • 2.2-litre capacity

    It's easy to take care of your plants at home, on the balcony and in the garden with this handy sprayer. You can use this large water sprayer to spray with water mist or jet and it is a practical tool to water or spray your plants, or can be used as a separate flower sprayer for liquid fertiliser or pesticides.

    The sprayer holds 2.2 litres and is made of durable plastic. The large holder doesn't need to be filled with water as often which is perfect when you are taking care of large flower beds and raised beds.

    With the little pump on the top, you can quickly create pressure inside the bottle and start watering your plants. After watering for a while you might need to pump a bit more, but you don't need to pump too much to be able to water for quite a while.

    Choose between jet or water mist using the little vent at the front and regulate the water flow with the large mouthpiece. If you loosen the large mouthpiece, the water will spray continuously and if the mouthpiece is unscrewed, regulate the water flow by pushing down on the handle.

    The sprayer comes in the following colours: White, green or brown bottle.

    Material: PET and PP-plastic
    Height: 32.5 cm
    Width: 12.9 cm
    Depth: 19.9 cm
    Volume: 2.2-litre

  • Article nr: 13489
    Stock availability: 57
    Depth: 19,9 cm
    Height: 32,5 cm
    Material: PET and PP plastic
    Volume: 2,2 litre
    Width: 12,9 cm
    Weight: 0,2 kg

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Sprayer 2.2 Litres Sprayer 2.2 Litres
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