Transparent Gorilla Tape

Crystal clear tape for discreet repairs

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    • For indoor and outdoor use
    • Temperature and UV-resistant
    • Usable under water

    The transparent Gorilla Tape is a crystal-clear tape that is perfect for discreet repairs both indoors and outdoors. The gorilla tape works best on smooth surfaces but can also be used on rough textures and it can even be used for reparations under water.

    Works on many different materials
    The tape can be used on practically all smooth materials, even steel, plastic, vinyl, and rubber.
    It also works on rough surfaces such as brick and wood.
    That makes it useful for vehicles, camping gear, inflatable objects, tarpaulins, boat covers, and much more.

    Resilient against high temperatures, water, and radiation
    The transparent tape is resilient against moisture, heat waves, and UV-radiation. It only runs the risk of getting discoloured during extreme and prolonged heat.

    Application temperature:
    When applying the tape, the ideal temperature for the surroundings is between -12°C and 49°C degrees.
    Temperature for usage:
    The tape works best in temperatures between -20°Cand 60°Cdegrees.

    How to
    To prevent fingerprints, you should wash your hands before use and only grab the edges of the tape. Make sure that the tape covers the whole area you want to repair with a good margin. However, avoid overlapping pieces of tape as that can make the repair not being airtight.

    After application, even out the tape (with a credit card or similar), and push away fingerprints and air bubbles, or water if you are using the tape underwater. Push hard, especially by the edges, to make sure that the tape sticks firmly.

    Where it is possible, use tape on both sides
    An airtight reparation is best obtained on flat, dry surfaces where it is possible to use tape on both sides of the tear.

    The tape should be stored in its original packaging to avoid the edges becoming dirty or dusty. Store in a dry, cool place.

    Important notes
    The transparent Gorilla tape should not be used over seams on inflatable objects, for repairs where it is high air- or water pressure, or with foods and produce.

    Length: 8,2 m
    Width: 4,8 cm

  • Article nr: 11650-Tr
    Stock availability: 6
    Length: 8,2 m
    Quantity per pack: 1 roll
    Width: 4,8 cm

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