Toilet lamp with sensor

Motion-activated night light for the bathroom
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    • Doesn't blind you at night
    • Lit by movement in the dark
    • 1 warm white lamp, 1 colour-changing lamp

    With a sensor toilet light, you won't be dazzled when you enter the bathroom at night. The motion-activated toilet light switches on its two lights when you enter the dark bathroom. The colour-changing light illuminates the toilet seat and the warm white light on the front gives you enough light to see where you put your feet.

    Fits all toilets

    The toilet light is easy to mount on the toilet seat with the bendable arm. The arm is placed under the seat ring and can be adjusted and bent to fit almost any toilet.

    Built-in light & motion sensor

    The built-in motion sensor reacts at a distance of about 3-5 metres. If it is dark in the room, the lights come on and stay on as long as the sensor continues to detect movement. The lights automatically turn off about 120 seconds after the last detected movement.

    A warm white lamp, a colour-changing lamp

    The white lamp on the front shines with a solid, warm white glow that doesn't dazzle. The colour-changing light at the end of the arm shines with RGB light (red, green, blue). In addition to red, green and blue light, combinations of these colours also produce, for example, purple, pink, yellow and orange tones that illuminate the toilet seat in the dark.

    Choose between fixed light and fresh changing glow

    You can choose whether you want the light at the end of your arm to change colour, glow steadily or stay off. Repeatedly press the button on the front to choose from 21 different settings with different colour changes and shades.

    Battery saving features
    The toilet light is powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included). To save battery power, the lights do not come on when the room is bright. You can also choose to turn off the white light by pressing and holding the button on the front. Only the coloured light on the arm will then light up when the sensor detects movement in the room.

    Alternative use as a wall-mounted night light

    If you want to use the toilet light as a regular night light instead, you can detach the arm. Once the arm is removed, you can mount the lamp on the wall with a screw and dowel. 2 screws and dowels included. The arm is quite tight, but can be removed by twisting it back and forth while pulling it out of its holder so that it slides down.

    Height: 8,5 cm
    Width: 5 cm
    Depth: 13.7 cm (including arm)
    Depth of lamp only: 2.8 cm
    Weight: 50 grams2 screws + 2 plugs included.
    Motion sensor + Night sensor
    Colour temperature warm white glow: 2000K
    Lumen: 5 lumen
    Average LED life: 25000 hours
    Battery: 3 AAA batteries (not included)
    Light color: White + RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
    Indoor use only IP20: +5 to +35 degrees
    CE marked

  • Article nr: 13906
    Stock availability: 16
    Depth: 8,5 cm
    Height: 13,7 cm
    Material: Plastic
    Width: 5 cm
    Colour: White
    Weight: 0,75 kg

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