Water Tap LED Lighting

Shows the water temperature with colour
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    • Illuminates the water stream
    • Changes colour with the temperature
    • Powered by a water turbine

    Create a cosy and unique atmosphere inside the bathroom or kitchen by adding this innovative water lighting to your tap! The light changes colour to reflect the temperature of the water, making the stream itself a strong and clear source of illumination.

    The LED light turns blue for water 32degrees and below, green for temperatures between 33 and 42 degrees, and red from 43 to 50 degrees. The LED light doesn't require any batteries but is simply powered by a water turbine located within the lamp itself. That way your own tap supplies it with the energy it needs to function!

  • Article nr: 11899
    Stock availability: 444
    Diameter: 24mm
    Length: 35mm
    Material: ABS, LED lights
    Other: Blue light <31°C, Green light 32°C-43°C, Red light 44°C-50°C
    Quantity per pack: 1 pc LED tap sprayer, 1 pc washer with strainer, 1 pc chrome ring
    Weight: 0,025 kg

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