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Grow your own indoor tree
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Lemon Eukalyptus Pomegranate
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    • Nice and easy to grow indoor trees
    • Complete kit with cultivation box, soil & seeds
    • Easy to relocate to a bigger pot

    The tree kit is a complete set that makes it both fun and easy to plant a tree indoors. The tree kit includes everything you need to get started. Choose from a selection of easy to plant trees: buy them for yourself or give them away as a present!

    The kit comes with seeds, nutrient-dense soil, a waterproof cultivation box and a cardboard box that you plant the tree in. The different trees available in this kit are: eucalyptus,lemon and pomegranate. All the different trees are just as beautiful and have different perks. The eucalyptus tree gives a refreshing smell to your home and the lemon and pomegranate trees can start growing fruit within a year!

    Fold the waterproof cultivation box, fill it with the soil and plant the seeds. The packet comes with several seeds that you can plant into numerous trees! The trees are relatively low maintenance but sensitive to over watering at the start. A spray bottle is a great way of keeping the soil moist at the trees' most sensitive stages. If you get more than one tree growing in the cultivation box you can easily relocate one to another pot once it starts growing more than two leaves. Of course you can choose to leave them both in the box but it will be harder to relocate them once the roots start getting tangled.

    How quickly the tree grows depends on many different factors, such as the amount of sunlight it receives. The more sunlight the tree gets, the quicker it will grow. After approximately one year in the cultivation box, the tree will be ready to be relocated to a pot. To relocate the tree you simply fold up the box and move the soil ball into a pot. The empty cultivation box can then be reused for growing more trees.

    The tree kit is packaged flat, making it easy to transport. Choose between these three different trees:

    Eucalyptus tree: grows relatively fast, takes only a couple of months, gives off a beautiful refreshing aroma, clears up the sinuses, making it easier to breathe. Perfect for the bedside table!

    Lemon tree: a beautiful indoor tree with big leaves. Grows in just a couple of months! After approximately 5 years, the lemon tree will begin to grow beautiful lemons.

    Pomegranate tree: A fast growing tree that's perfect for indoors! The trees have beautiful small leaves that can start giving fruit after approximately 5 years.

    The box includes: A cultivation pot in a waterproof box, made in Finland. Heat-treated seeds and instructions in Swedish and English.
    Cultivation Box Size: 11 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm
    Size of outer box: 35 cm x 25 cm x 3 cm
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