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    • Environmentally friendly
    • Can be used on any surface that can withstand water
    • Gentle on your skin

    Universal Polish is a super effective and environmentally friendly polish that can be used on all surfaces that can handle water. Universal Polish is easy to use and thoroughly cleans while at the same time polishing and preserving the surface.

    Universal all-purpose cleaner and polisher

    The Universal Polish is very effective and can be used on most everything in your home, car, boat, or trailer. This polish is easy to use, simply build up a lather with your sponge and scrub. The lather makes it easy to reach all the nooks and crannies, and once you've removed the dirt from your surface it's easy to rinse it off the sponge.

    How to do it

    The Universal Polish is concentrated and very long-lasting. Wet a sponge with water and apply the Polish. Build up a lather, clean your surface and, when you're done, rinse with water and wipe dry with a clean towel. ATTENTION! Do not polish with the paste, only with the lather!

    This polish is a mild, natural product that is gentle on both your hands and the environment. You do not need to use protective gloves and the polish is non-allergenic. Universal Polish has an unlimited shelf life and is easy to apply with a normal sponge.

    Universal paste for different materials

    Universal Polish can be used on: stoves, ceramic, windows, jewellery, counter-tops, pots and pans, enamel, linoleum, vinyl flooring, tiles, hinges, porcelain, blinds, toilets, showers, boats, trailers, cars (as a rub), rims, wind-shields, garden furniture, copper, brass, gold, silver, tin, aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, nickel, zinc, stone, titanium.

    Available in two different sizes
    Universal Polish is available in two different sizes; 400 grams and 700 grams.

    Note! The number of sponges that are included varies, depending on which of the packs you buy.
    1 sponge is included when you buy a pack of Universal polish 400 grams.
    2 sponges are included when you buy a pack of Universal polish 700 grams.

    You can buy more sponges for your Universal polish products here >>.

    Soap, vegetable fat, polishing clay, glycerine, citrus aroma.

  • Article nr: 13554
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    Manual: Swedish manual
    Material: Contents: Natural soap, plant grease, polishing clay, glycerine, fragrances (citrus)

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