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Environmentally smart tips on a 50x70cm poster
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Housewife's Tips
Housewife's Tips Save Food
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    • Poster 50x70 cm
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    The Swedish company Kunskapstavlan has designed stylish and practical knowledge posters featuring smart tricks and tips that give you easy access to useful knowledge in everyday life.

    The knowledge poster is available with different motifs, choose between Housewife's Tips and Save Food. Frame not included.

    Housewife's Tips, Poster 50 x 70 cm
    On the housewife's tips poster, you can find smart tricks about stain removal, all-purpose cleaning, polishing, odour removal and how you can use lemon, vinegar and baking powder to freshen up and clean your home.

    Frame not included.

    Save Food, Poster 50 x 70 cm
    The Save Food poster gives you simple and smart tips on how to reduce food waste in your household. The clear instructions give you tips and tools for saving and using food that might otherwise have been thrown in the bin.

    The poster features useful advice on how to store food properly to extend its shelf life, knowledge of raw materials that can be frozen and tips on how to make use of leftover wine, wrinkled vegetables and fruits and more, instead of throwing it away.

    The Save Food poster is produced by Kunskapstavlan in collaboration with Filip Lundin and Sopköket, Stockholmsrestaurangen, who are professionals in making good use of all food. Together, they have developed the best tricks to save food and reduce food waste.

    Saving food is not only good for the environment, it's also economical for the household as you don't have to overconsume. Save Food gives you a good guide for everyday life and is practical to have in the kitchen so that you have easy access to all the tricks.

    Frame not included.

    About Kunskapstavlan®
    Kunskapstavlan is a Swedish company that wants to make Knowledge available in everyday life with stylish design posters, as well as contribute to a better world.

    Printed on environmentally friendly premium paper
    The knowledge boards are printed on an environmentally friendly, matt premium paper that is marked with EU Ecolabel and FSC. The paintings are printed in Sweden at a Nordic Ecolabelled printing house.

    Width: 50 cm
    Height: 70 cm
    NOTE! Frame not included
  • Article nr: 13733
    Stock availability: 0
    Height: 70 cm
    Material: FSC and Swan-labeled paper
    Other: Frame not included
    Width: 50 cm

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