UV-wristband, pack of 2

Shows how strong the sun is & how effective the sunscreen
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    • Shows UV-light instead of the time
    • See how effective your sunscreen is
    • Can be used multiple times

    This UV-wristband easily and pedagogically displays how strong the sun's UV light is. The sun watch is perfect to use when keeping track of the children's sun protection, while also becoming a fun activity for the older children to see when it's time to apply more sunscreen.

    Instead of showing the time, the wristband has four coloured fields. Each field also has multiple symbols that recommend what type of protection to use, based on the sun's strength.

    If you are indoors, the middle of the display is empty, although when exposed to sunlight the middle will display an animal that changes colour based on the UV-light. Children can then compare the animal's colour to the fields to see what type of protection to use.

    1. White: No protection needed.
    2. Beige: Protect the head with a hat or a cap.
    3. Light yellow: Protect the head and apply sunscreen.
    4. Dark yellow: Protect the head, apply sunscreen, use UV-clothes and avoid the sun between 10-15 o'clock.

    When using sunscreen on your child, you can also apply some to the writsband. You will then be able to tell how effective the sunscreen is as the animal in the middle will fade. When the animal shows up again, you know it's time to apply more sunscreen.

    You can, of course, go bathing with the wristband, and it can be used multiple times. A writband lasts about a week but can last longer depending on how worn out it is and how much sunlight it has been exposed to. The wristband is suitable for children, and the size can be adjusted using the three buttons. The white part of the wristband can be used as an ID-band where the child's name, phone number and eventual allergies can be written using a waterproof pen.

    The UV-wristband come delivered in a pack of 2 in the colours blue or pink. The blue watch displays a whale and the pink a butterfly in the middle of the watch.

    The UV-wristband is a good complement to general recommendations, but don't forget to be careful when staying in the sun for longer periods during the day.
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    Material: Phthalate free PVC
    Quantity per pack: 2 wristbands

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UV-wristband, pack of 2 UV-wristband, pack of 2
Shows how strong the sun is & how effective the sunscreen
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