Innovator: Jan von Heland

Waboba Ball Water Bouncing Ball

Floats & bounces fast and far on water
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    • Floats and bounces on the water surface
    • Bounces far, high and fast
    • Perfect for the beach

    The Waboba Ball water bouncing ball is a fun ball that both floats and bounces on the water! Waboba is perfect to throw to each other by the water, and there are a lot of different water games you can play!

    Throw the ball just as you do when skipping rocks - the ball will bounce fast and very far along the water surface! See how far away from each other you can stand and still manage to pass the ball, or train precision by trying to nail a pass with exactly 2 bounces. 

    You can also play in teams (about 3 people on each team)! Stand in a ring and try to pass to your teammates while the other team stands in the way and tries to catch the ball. NOTE! The ball has to bounce on the surface at least once to make the pass count!

    The ball's unique gel-core is dressed in beautifully patterned fabrics that quickly dry under the sun. The water bouncing ball Waboba ball is designed to be used in water, so avoid throwing it on the ground or cliffs.

    NOTE! The water bouncing ball Waboba ball Original (formerly called Extreme) comes delivered in unsorted colours and patterns.

    Waboba is an abbreviation for "Water Bouncing Ball" and also the name of the beach sport developed by the balls rise in popularity. The ball was launched in Sweden 2005 by Jan von Heland who, inspired by throwing frisbees up-side-down in water, came up with the brilliant idea of dressing a ball with a gel-core in rubber and Lycra. Waboba ball was launched outside of Sweden in 2007 and quickly became a success. Today, the popular beach ball sells all over the world and has become fairly popular in Australia and the US!

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    Diameter: 5.6 cm
    Quantity per pack: 1 ball

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